Coral Hearts

Coral Hearts by Avery Gale

Book: Coral Hearts by Avery Gale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Avery Gale
Tags: Fiction, Romance
so thick between the folds of her bare pussy, Coral worried he’d see rivulets running down the insides of her thighs before she’d reached the door of the master suite. Once inside, Coral found herself wondering exactly what she was supposed to do, and the look on her face must have given away her because when she looked up, Sage was watching her so closely his gaze felt like a physical caress.
    “Tell me what you’re thinking, pet.” His voice was deeper, more commanding than she was accustomed to hearing and it left no doubt that his words weren’t simply a request.
    Coral didn’t look into his eyes for fear she’d see the disappointment she’d seen in her parents’ eyes so often as a child. “I don’t know what to do. I hate not knowing what I’m supposed to do. Really, I’m usually very compliant…okay, maybe I should say often instead of usually.” Stop babbling and get on with it for craps-sake.
    “Look at me, Coral.” Her eyes snapped to his immediately, and she was relieved to see nothing but compassion in his expression. “First of all, thank you for trusting me enough to tell me exactly what put the strained look on your face—because the only way for me to help you work through this is for you to be completely honest in all things. I can’t solve a problem I don’t know about.” She felt some of the tension drain from her shoulders simply because what he’d said made perfect sense to her. “Now, I know you’ve read a lot of erotic titles, did you notice a recurring theme for the submissives? Something they consistently mentioned as a benefit of a D/s relationship?”
    Coral knew immediately where Sage was leading her with his questions. And even though she knew he was pushing her toward the answer, Coral was grateful he was letting her sort it out in her mind. She knew her own limitations, and now it seemed Sage understood them as well. “Pet?” He didn’t seem frustrated with her for not answering immediately, he was just pulling her back to the moment.
    “They always mention how free they felt because they didn’t need to worry about what they should do next. In most of the books I read, all they needed to do in the bedroom was follow orders.” Coral knew she’d blurted out all the words so quickly it might not have even made sense, but Sage’s smile told her he’d understood perfectly.
    He’d wrapped his large hand around the base of her skull, tilting her face up to his. “This is on me, pet—not you. I’ve been negligent in setting the ground rules. Hell, we should have a long conversation about hard and soft limits before we even thought about playing. But this isn’t a club hook-up. You are far more important and the truth is, I simply couldn’t wait to make you mine.” Coral felt her body react to the declaration, she felt like every cell was being switched on—lighting her up from the inside.
    “Ummm…can I ask a question?”
    “Always. There may come a time when that will change, but that is a long time coming, sweetness. For now, as long as you are respectful, I will encourage you to ask questions. We’ll both benefit from clear communication.”
    “What’s down the hall on the bottom floor no one wants me to see?”

Chapter Nine
    F or a split second Sage was convinced all of the oxygen had suddenly been sucked out of the room. He’d been so blindsided by Coral’s question, his mind scrambled for an answer, he came up empty making every second to feel like an eternity. His hand was still wrapped around the back of her neck, and he felt his fingers flex against her bare skin making her hair rasp over the back of his hand. The soft sensation startled him back to the moment, and he smiled down at her. Fuck me, I should have known she’d figure it out. “The play room is just down the hall from where I left you. It’s locked, but I didn’t want you to become concerned about what might be concealed behind a locked door.”
    “Play room? Like a dungeon?

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