Confidential by Jack Parker

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Authors: Jack Parker
decided to ask him about it.
    "Camdon?" I asked, keeping up with his fast pace.
    "Yeah?" He replied, and I made my mind focus, but it was hard when he wasn't wearing a shirt. He caught me admiring and let a loose grin slip across his face as I looked away, embarrassed.
    "Why do people at your high school worship you so much? It's a little weird." I blatantly spat out, to cover up my embarrassment at being seen checking him out.
    "It's your high school too you know." Camdon reminded me playfully.
    I shook my head, feeling my ponytail swinging from side to side, "You know what I'm talking about."
    Camdon looked up at the sky, and slowed down his jog to a walk, and I walked next to him. "I think they just really like me. Because I'm interesting."
    I smirked. "You're so humble."
    He lightly nudged my shoulder, "You know what I mean." He shrugged. "In this place, we've been around each other for ages. But me… my family has a story, and they like to act like they know me, because they want to know how my story ends. If that makes any sense."
    "None at all." I said. He looked towards the sky again, and he seemed as if he was trying to stay calm, and repress the surge of emotions that were obviously hitting him, I could see it on his face.
    "My mother was really smart, is really smart. As in, genius. In high school, she was brilliant when it came to anything mathematical, and she was already looking at all these schools… the majority of them Ivy League of course, and the thing is, she could have gone. She could have gone and done so well, scholarships and everything, but she found out she was pregnant with me. She was less than fifty points away from a perfect score on her SAT." He added, the admiration he had for his mother plain as day.
    "She never told me, of course," He continued, "but she didn't have too. She is stuck in Franklin, Iowa, when she could be doing something fascinating and amazing, and have a large salary, and start having kids now instead of 17 years ago. My mom has a gift, and she's in this dead end life, because she wanted to make sure she had enough support to take care of me."
    I kept silent, because he seemed like he wanted to talk. Camdon anxiously cracked his knuckles before speaking, "I'm the reason she has a life she tried so hard to get away from, and people in this messed up town are waiting for me to crack. And I haven't. But that's not good enough."
    "What do you mean?" I asked him.
    He shrugged. "It's not good enough that I'm a normal person, it's not possible for the gossipers in this place to come to terms with the fact that I'm not some delinquent, or some replica of my father." The last word came out with distaste, as if he didn't even want to say them. "So now I go to George Washington High, and people want to know me, because they're dying to figure out what is really wrong with me. Because a single parent cannot possible raise a child 'right'."
    We let the silence hang between us, as we stood in the middle of the road we had been running on. Camdon was flustered, as if he had said more than he wanted to, and left my gaze to stare blankly at the sky above him.
    I was compelled to reach out to him, and I laced my fingers with his, and gave his hand a light squeeze.
    "You care about your family." I stated simply, to let him know I understood.
    "More than anything." He replied, his voice just a whisper. I let his hand go and watched him watch me, wondering where this left us.

Chapter 8
    Something changed between us after that morning. At first, he watched me tentively, as if I was going to go around the whole school and tell them everything he had told me. But after a couple days, he visibly calmed down, as if I had gained his trust or something. And I could tell by the way he acted around me that I had.
    Camdon would slide in and sit next to me with Marcus and Dylan, leaving his friends for a little while to chat with us. But he was different

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