Conan The Fearless

Conan The Fearless by Steve Perry

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Authors: Steve Perry
Tags: Fantasy
myself. “
    “The fault is mine,” Vitarius said.
    “It would seem you have made more than one enemy, Conan.” This from Kinna, who stood staring at the spot where Djavul had vanished.
    The Cimmerian looked at her. “How so?”
    “Those men who attacked us as we left the inn. They came for you, not for us. Recall what the patch-eyed man said?”
    Conan brought the memory forth: There he be, boys. Come to save us a climb, l reckons. Kinna was right. But-why had they come for him? He had no enemies in this place save the hellspawn, Djavul. The devil wanted him, to be sure, but it seemed unlikely he would have sent human cutthroats to do his bidding. Who had sent them, then? It was a puzzle, a mystery, and Conan liked such things not.
    “Perhaps we would be better served to get out of the rain,” Vitarius said. “We might sort things out just as well dry as wet.”
    “Aye,” Conan said, but his disquiet remained.
    Djuvula watched her brother rage at the beautiful man with the sword, smiling as she did so. Ah, yes, this one was surely the one she sought. Her gaze covered the barbarian lovingly, despite the rainy darkness. Such thick, smooth muscle he had, and such a wonderful rage simmered in his flashing blue eyes as he faced Djavul with only a sword. His heart would drive her Prince as no other heart had been able to move him. Yes.
    Djavul vanished to Gehanna. Djuvula slid back into the cover of soaked hay bales, stacked head-high. It would not do for them to see her just yet. For a moment Djuvula’s mind warred with itself: so much to have! Here was the girl, the essence of Fire: the child glowed with it as a beacon lit to guide ships in fog-at least to one able to see such things, as a witch of power could. And the barbarian with the beautiful body, ah, how she wanted him!
    Her smile increased. Perhaps she might allow this man that which she had given up on in other men, before she excised his mighty heart. Who knew? Such a barbarian might be possessed of vital energies beyond ordinary limits. She could … utilize him for a time before animating her Prince. Certainly he looked capable … .
    Djuvula shook her head, as if to clear away the fantasy within by her action. She should think of the girl first. Then she laughed softly to herself. Why not slay two birds with the same stone? If she exercised care, she could have the girl and the man together. It would not be easy; the White Mage had demonstrated his power to Djavul before, and the witch could see the fear in her brother’s eyes as he faced the old man again. No, it would have to be carefully done, using guile instead of force. Even as she thought it, Djuvula began to think of a plan. Yes, a plan that would allow her to use her very special talents … .
    Senator Lemparius shed his wet clothes and went directly to the hot bath- kept ever so, awaiting his pleasure. As he sank into the water the warm vapors swirled around his head, bringing the scent of crushed mint to his nostrils. Ah …
    One of the deputies scurried into the room, bowing as he came. “My lord Senator,” the man began, “a terrible windstorm has wreaked much damage to the city, killing dozens of citizens.”
    Lemparius shrugged within the womb of blissful heat. “So? What is done is done; why disturb my bath for such?”
    The deputy appeared undisturbed by the senator’s lack of concern. “The man who brought this news awaits without, to speak to you of a matter related to this disaster.”
    “Send him away.” Lemparius managed to raise one hand languidly to wave at the deputy; vapor rose from his skin into the cooler air of the bathchamber.
    “As you command, my lord. The man would have you know his name, however. He calls himself Loganaro.”
    Senator Lemparius smiled. “Ah, there is a beast of a different strain. Admit him.”
    As the deputy left, Lemparius sank yet deeper into the perfumed water, until his nose was barely clear of the liquid. A shame cats hated the water

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