Compromising Positions (An Erotic Romance Novel)

Compromising Positions (An Erotic Romance Novel) by Tawny Taylor

Book: Compromising Positions (An Erotic Romance Novel) by Tawny Taylor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tawny Taylor
amusing, the way it lit his face and made him hop around like a child at Christmas. She’d like to have him sit on her lap. She’d give him a nice gift…“Don’t you think you’re going just a little overboard?”
    “The brass’ll love it! They’ll see dollar signs. We’ll both get to keep our jobs.” He dropped into his chair. “Damn, I’m good.”
    The cocky smile was just cute enough to make her crotch tingle. “No comment.” She hated the idea, wondered if it was fertile ground for lawsuits, but what the heck? She had nothing better. And Monday wasn’t all that far away. “What about advertising?”
    “We’ll look at some demographics. I’d say radio. Drive time.”
    She shook her head. “Big money there.”
    “Print advertising in some local papers, edgy papers like Metro Detroit?”
    “That’s doable. But how will we advertise this? We can’t put the groups in our ads if we’re going to be selective.”
    “Yes, selective. Not discriminating. Hmmm. Maybe you’re right.” He leaned forward and reached across her desk, clearly targeting her legal pad. She wished he was targeting something else. Why was he so damned focused today? “May I?”
    She handed it to him, and their fingertips brushed. A zap shot up her arm and down to her crotch. She dropped the pad.
    He smiled.
    “How the hell do you do that?” She rubbed her fingertips.
    “Do what?” The come-hither waggle of eyebrows suggested he knew exactly what she meant.
    Well, at least he was flirting a little. She’d begun to think he had lost interest already.
    Another jolt shot through her body as she recalled yesterday’s events in that very room. She’d been so close to…so ready to… Oh God! She’d wanted him. Plain and simple.
    And as she studied the face she’d thought she’d despised for six years, she realized she’d always wanted him. That thought sent her heart into her throat.
    Yes, love and hate were very close to the same thing. How did that proverb go?
    She spent the rest of the morning wrestling with her body’s reaction to his nearness and her mind’s insistence on wandering. While he was much more focused on work today, and less apt to tempt her with intentional innuendo and teasing, she still was completely turned on by mid-morning. Her crotch ached for him. Her nerve endings raw, sensitized. Every sensation exaggerated. In a nutshell, she was a mess.
    And as the lunch hour neared, she added a whole heap of regret to the mix. For some reason, going on a date with another man just felt wrong. Sure, she wasn’t dating Gabe. But, but…she wanted to.
    Strike her dead with a lightning bolt! She was ready to revisit Gabe Land.
    Gabe gave her a quick slap on the shoulder as she left, and wished her luck on her date. Expecting the opposite, she rehearsed a few dozen excuses to give the guy when she arrived at the restaurant. Why do this? The actual date wouldn’t do anything to further their research.
    Yeah…hey! What was Gabe up to now?
    Feeling like a trap would spring the minute she stepped inside the restaurant, she tensed. Her neck and shoulders became instantly stiff. Great!
    She approached the hostess. “Hi, I’m meeting someone. My name’s Fate—“
    The hostess, a bouncy blonde with a perfect body, interrupted. “This way, please.”
    Now, that was service. She followed, catching a glimpse of a good looking guy at a nearby table. Blond hair, cut short, tanned skin, athletic. That was him. In the flesh. And just as good looking in person as he was in the video.
    Was he a jerk? She almost hoped he was. It would make her hasty escape that much easier.
    The hostess stopped at the table and waited for Fate to sit. “Can I get you something to drink?”
    Fate looked at the guy, and noted he had a cola. “I’ll take a diet.”
    “Okay. Be right back.” The hostess bounced away, saying over her shoulder. “Your waitress will be with you in just a minute.”
    Fate watched her walk away then turned. Mr.

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