Christopher and Jaime (Pianos and Promises #1)

Christopher and Jaime (Pianos and Promises #1) by Jennifer Peel

Book: Christopher and Jaime (Pianos and Promises #1) by Jennifer Peel Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Peel
    June 27
    I miss my wife.
    June 29
    Beck called me a bloody wanker today and threatened to quit if I didn’t work it out with Jaime. Worse, he promised to step in and take my place. He had his chance. And now I’m blowing mine. To hell with it. I’m booking a trip to Italy for just the two of us, regardless of the consequences. Beck can cover for me at work, not with Jaime.
    June 30
    Jaime’s leaving me.
    If I wasn’t mistaken, there were dried tear stains on the page. I added some of my own.

Chapter Nine
    Hope walked in to administer more medication into Chris’ IV as I was drying my eyes and running his thoughts through my mind.
    She reached into her pocket and handed me a tissue. “You look spent.” Her voice had a soothing quality to it.
    I gladly accepted the tissue and dabbed my eyes. “It’s been a rough few months. Don’t ever marry your best friend,” I warned.
    She paid attention to her nursing duties, but I could see the smile on her face. “How long have you known each other?”
    “Twenty-two years. We’ve been married for a little over two.”
    She directed her attention back toward me once she disposed the syringe. “So, what took you two so long?”
    I leaned back into my chair and held his journal tight. “We should have never married. I was in love with him. He never felt the same way. I was a convenient mother for his daughter after his wife died.”
    Her eyes widened with interest. “How old is Allie. That’s her name, right?”
    I was impressed she remembered her name. I nodded. “She’s five and perfect. This has been tough on her. We’re sharing custody.”
    “Even though you aren’t the biological mother?”
    “She’s as much mine as his.”
    “Hmmm. Are you sure he isn’t in love with you? I don’t think many men would commit to be connected in such a way when they didn’t have to be. And he was pretty adamant about how he felt about you when they brought him in.”
    I looked down at the journal. “I don’t know. He’s contesting the divorce, but outside of that, he hasn’t done much to try and salvage the relationship.”
    “Sometimes men need a good kick in the backside to wake them up.”
    “Not with Chris. He and I want completely different things in life.”
    She smiled and her eyes twinkled. “But do you want each other? If that’s the case, your paths may not be all that different.” She turned and walked out.
    I looked over at Chris and had this desire to crawl into bed with him, to lay my head on his chest. I wanted him to hold me one last time. Instead, I turned back to all I had of him at the moment, his thoughts.
    July 1
    What does she mean, I’ve never wanted her? I’ve never wanted anyone more, but she was always with someone else or traveling the world. And there was our friendship to consider. I would never risk that unless I knew we would end up together. Why does she think I asked her to marry me? I wanted every part of her.
    July 5
    Jaime has begun to pack up her belongings. I never noticed how little she made this place her own. Everything she brought with her only fills a few boxes. The only thing we bought together was our bed. She refused to share the same bed as Bianca and me, rightly so. Maybe that’s part of the reason she thinks I never wanted her. She assumed my life, and in terms of possessions, we have nothing together. I’m realizing now how unfair that was.
    I never settled into his place because I thought it was temporary. That we would have our own home someday.
    July 11
    Jaime finally said more than two words to me. They were angry words, but I’ll take them. She’s upset my lawyer found several mistakes in the papers her pubescent lawyer filed. She’s irate about the cost she’s incurring. I’ll pay her fees, but I’m contesting the divorce. I did my best not to smile when she yelled. I was proud of her. My Jaimes raised her voice. I was just happy to hear her speak, even if she was calling me an arrogant pig.

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