Christmas In Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries Book 4)

Christmas In Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries Book 4) by Kathi Daley

Book: Christmas In Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries Book 4) by Kathi Daley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathi Daley
practice tomorrow as well but will take the weekend off, although, again, I encourage you all to head to the mountain as often as possible.”
    “You said we had the weekend off. What about Friday?” one of her new girls, a freshman with a ton of promise, asked.
    “The tree lighting has been moved to Friday , so we won’t be holding practice that day. I would encourage all of you to come out for the lighting ceremony. The school choir will be performing, and I’m certain they would appreciate your support.”
    “What time?” a freshman girl wearing a light pink sweater asked.
    “ The tree lighting is at five-thirty and the choir will perform until six. I believe there’ll be a food vendor on site, and Santa will be holding court in the gazebo, if any of you have younger brothers and sisters.”
    “Is Angel Mountain planning to have their used ski swap like they did last year?” one of her returning students wondered.
    “I believe so. While I haven’t seen a list of the vendors who have signed up for booths this year, traditionally Angel Mountain has a presence. They usually have a representative selling season tickets, if any of your friends or family are in the market for a pass.”
    The downhill team members were all given free passes so they could practice whenever they wanted. As downhill coach, Tj received a free pass as well. This year she planned to purchase passes for Ashley and Gracie. She’d already been tearing up the slopes by the time she was their age.
    “ If there are no more questions, I’ll leave you to work on your homework for the rest of the period,” Tj wrapped up. “Remember, you must maintain a C or above in all your classes in order to be eligible for afterschool sports. I need you all, so study .”
    Luckily , most of her students cracked open their books and did just that. Tj decided to work on her own paperwork while her kids studied since she planned to use her lunch break to pay Frannie a visit at the library.
    “Tj, how are you, dear?” Frannie greeted her when Tj walked into the library, one of her favorite places in town. Built as a bordello at the turn of the century, it had been converted into a library more than sixty years earlier, a few years after the town had been incorporated. The downstairs, which at one time had served as a common room for entertaining, held a large wooden counter that was now used as a reference desk but originally served as the bar on which the girls had danced to entertain the men.
    “I’m doing fine. I came by to see if you had those books I requested.”
    “Actually , I do have them.” Frannie placed three books on the counter. “I also have a book for Kallie. I know she’s busy with holiday visitors and most likely won’t make it in to pick it up. Would you mind taking it to her?”
    “I’d be happy to.”
    Frannie turned to fetch Kallie’s book and added it to Tj’s pile.
    “ How are things going?” Frannie asked. “I haven’t spoken to you since Thursday. I heard about what happened after I left.” Frannie diverted her eyes and Tj frowned. There was no way Frannie would ever kill anyone, but she definitely looked like she was hiding something. Maybe Kyle wasn’t so far off to suspect Arnie. Could Frannie be covering for him?
    “It’s been an in teresting few days,” Tj answered. She watched Frannie’s expression as she continued. “I guess you heard Dennis was arrested for the murder of his mother’s fiancé, but he was released when Bonnie herself confessed to the crime.”
    Frannie bent down as she stacked the books from the return bin onto the counter. “I had heard that. Surely no one believes Bonnie is guilty of such a serious crime?”
    “I don’t believe she did it , but it seems Sheriff Boggs is so happy to have the case wrapped up that he’s pushing prosecution. Bonnie is out on bail now, but things are on track for trial at some point after the beginning of the year unless we can find the real killer.

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