Cherry Girl (Blackstone Affair)

Cherry Girl (Blackstone Affair) by Raine Miller

Book: Cherry Girl (Blackstone Affair) by Raine Miller Read Free Book Online
Authors: Raine Miller
for parts desperate to feel her touch again, I was lost.  Lost and desperate to find my way back inside her.  Driven to claim her body more times than I needed to, but she felt so good, I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.
    S o, that’s what I did for the rest of the morning…focused on my girl and making her come so many times, she just had to forget about the worries and fears that bothered her.  She had me to carry that burden for her.  I’d make sure my Cherry Girl never had to worry about anything.  I’d always be there for her, loving her and taking care of her.
    I fully intended to.  My motives were sound , but my naiveté completely shrouded the twisting paths of fate and how it can rear up and take everything away from you in an instant.  One should never underestimate what fate has in store for you.  It has a way of gaining the upper hand and can hold onto that power for a long, long time.
    I was that naive.
    “Hold still, this is a great shot of you.”  Taking pictures of Elaina was becoming my new favorite pastime.  She was a magnificent subject anyway. The particular shot of her, under a flowering tree loaded with pale pink blossoms, was so perfect for her.  We thought it was some kind of ornamental cherry tree from how the flowers looked.  My Cherry Girl under a cherry tree.  Cliché yes, but spectacular all the same and I fully intended to have some prints made that I could frame.
    “The blossoms are everywhere.  It’s almost like snow. ”  She spun around with her arms out.
    I took photo after photo while she indulged me, so grateful I’d have this beautiful mem ory of us there together on the last day before we had to head back home.
    “ So what do you want to do on our last day, beautiful girl?”
    She made a face at me and circled around the tree trunk.  “Oh, I haven’t told you my news yet.”
    I lowered my camera.  “What news?”
    She peeked around the tree at me.  “The news about how I’m not going back to London at all.  I’ll be staying here under this cherry tree , and taking boat rides on Lake Leticia every day, and watching the dragonflies flitting over the water.”
    I made my way over to her.  “Really.”
    She moved around to the other side of the tree. “Yes, really.  I thought you should be aware of it since you’re going to be living here with me.”  Her expression was deadpan.
    I started to reach for her but she moved again, switching to the other side of the tree trunk.  My sweetheart liked a bit of fun and games at times.  “You want me to stay here with you under this cherry tree, Cherry?” I asked slowly, my eyes tracking, picking my opportunity to lunge for her.
    She nodded and shifted again to the other side, keeping me at a distance, her eyes tracking me , just as much and I was her.  “You have to stay here with me, Neil.”
    “I do, e h?  Because you love me so much?”  I inched closer.
    Her expression betrayed her because she could n’t help the devilish gleam that appeared in her eyes when she shook her head.  “No, I need someone to row the boat!”
    I sprinted for her and she took off shrieking, both of us laughing when I got my hands on her , and pulled us down into the soft grass.
    I trapped her beneath me and tickled first, getting lots of playful groping in between the kisses and general horseplay.  She got some good digs in too, and damn if she discovered I was ticklish as hell in the ribs.
    “Now , be a good girl and let me kiss you,” I warned, pinning her hands down to the grass so she couldn’t get at me with more tickling.
    Her eyes flared and she tilted her head to the side a bit, her hair strewn out around the grass with a few blossoms already fallen down to land all around us.
    She got that softness in her expression I adored, and in the way her body melted into mine.  She let me soak her up, and kiss her until we were both breathless, and wishing that time would just stop

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