Chasing the Wild Sparks

Chasing the Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander

Book: Chasing the Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ren Alexander
come on.” He looks around the room and sighs before restoring his gaze to me. “We haven’t been together a lot this weekend. Let’s take some extra time…just for us.” His fingers stroke my back and my willpower.
    I argue in vain, “We’ll be spending the day together.”
    He petulantly rolls his eyes and shakes his head, looking down at me pointedly. “That’s not what I mean.”
    I glance at the hickey I gave him, still wondering how he’s going to hide it since it’s bigger than I meant for it to be. “We’re already running late.”
    “Late for kites ?”
    “Rod wanted to be there at 11:00 and he’s already on the road. We have an hour and a half drive.”
    “Damn it. He can wait.” Finn takes my hand and wraps my fingers around his solid arousal, keeping his hand on mine. “ I can’t,” he heatedly insists. He’s past the point of no-return, but I continue to futilely object.
    “I promised him I’d be there.”
    “We will,” he replies impatiently. “You promised me you’d always love me, Becks.” He squeezes our hands around him. “Right now, I need you to love me.”
    “I do , Finn, it’s just—”
    “We cannot go when you’re wearing this dress and I’m this jacked up.” He takes his hand off of mine and puts his arms around me as I continue to hold him intimately. He inclines his head and kisses me gently at first, but then his lips quickly engulf mine. I can feel desperation with every move of his lips. Why does he suddenly seem to want me so much? Or is it just the sex he wants? Finn’s hold strengthens around me and he begins to twist us and walk us backward to his bed.
    “Finn, no,” I whisper and move my hands up to his chest. His hands are again up my dress and soon inside the top of my waistband. “Stop it.”
    He stops us at the edge of his bed. “Don’t you want me, baby?” he whispers back, staring ardently into my eyes as he starts to peel down my underwear. He knows I do. I put my hands on his to stop him, but he keeps pushing. He lets go of one side of my waistband and sits down on the bed, trying to pull me down and straddle him.
    “Finn, stop. You don’t even have a condom on.” I move my hips away and he grips onto me tightly.
    Mostly disregarding my statement, his eyes flick up to mine and he says, “You said we’d be alright, Becks.” He pulls on my hips and positions himself beneath me.
    My eyes widen in disbelief. “Why are you not willing for me to wear this dress in public, but you’re willing to risk getting me pregnant, when that’s the last thing you want?”
    He yanks my underwear to the side and tries to ease into me. He closes his eyes and shakes his head. “I’m not. You said we were okay.” I can practically hear the gushing of the adrenaline coursing through his veins. I think it’s like a game of Russian roulette for him. Another rush. There’s no way in hell he wants to knock me up, but he loves the thrill of it being a possibility because it’s something else he can triumph over. I don’t like him playing this game of chance because what happens if he loses and he does get me pregnant? Would he hate me? Would he leave me?
    I attempt to lift up off of him through his steel grip. “No. I said I thought we were. That’s not the same thing.”
    Finn immediately opens his eyes and as if I just showed him a positive pregnancy test, he pushes me back. “Then, I’ll put on a rubber.” He reaches for his nightstand drawer and I slide off his lap.
    “We have to go, Finn.” I fix my dress and step away.
    I look at him and his eyes fly over my face, pleading with me to reconsider. “Baby,” he says softly. He tears open the package and works the condom on, and I watch him as he unrolls it. He then leans back onto his elbows, offering himself up to me with vulnerability in his eyes, but a cocky-as-hell smirk on his face. He knows I can’t resist him, but oddly, he also appears to be afraid that I

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