Chasing Cassidy

Chasing Cassidy by D. Kelly

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Authors: D. Kelly
mad at me?” I ask him softly.
    “No, I’m not. I can never stay mad at you for long. I was hurt yesterday, Cassidy. I want you to come and talk to me, and I don’t want you to ever keep another secret from me about your parents or mine. We need to talk about these things. I’ve known things were bad for you, but wasn’t until you let down your guard that I could truly tell how much you’re still affected by them. Baby, you’ve got to let me in, I can’t help you if you don’t. You don’t have to be strong all the time, Cassidy. It’s okay to hurt, just stop hiding it from me . You don’t have to be strong for me, let me be strong for you for a change.”
    He releases my arms and I wrap them around his waist, needing to feel more of him. “From now on, you need to communicate with me, okay?” I nod, not trusting myself to speak at the moment.
    “The next two weeks are ours and I plan on giving you a crash course in undeniable love. When those two weeks are up, if you need more time or just want to stay longer, you let me know. As of yesterday, I’m on an indefinite leave from the company.”
    “Oh no! See, Zack, this is exactly what I was talking about. You keep having to make sacrifices for me.”
    “Cassidy, it’s not a big deal. They have a team of lawyers and we are the priority, not work. There’s nothing more important to me than fixing us. I’ve got things planned for us and in between the fun stuff, we’re going to have to talk a few things out.”
    Is it possible for your heart to sink and soar at the same time? I’m dreading the conversations I know he wants to have, but I’m elated that he hasn’t given up on me. If his words are true, which I’m sure they are, he has no plans to ever give me up.
    A beaming smile crosses his face with that single word. “So, tell me how much exploring of the house did you do last night and this morning?”
    The house? Oh yeah, he called it our house. What is that all about?
    “Virtually none, honestly. I made it up the walk into the front room and kitchen, out here where I fought off a panic attack, and to the first bathroom in the hallway.”
    A sigh of relief escapes him and I glance at him curiously.
    “When we were planning our honeymoon and mentioned Hawaii, you seemed so excited. I hated the idea of spending our honeymoon in a hotel and thought we could use a vacation house. Or even a permanent residence if you wanted to live here and get away from our parents. So… I bought this house for us as a wedding gift.”
    “This house is ours?” I’m shocked but the love in his eyes is unmistakable.
    “It is and I was mostly upset because I didn’t get to see your face when you saw it and took a tour of it. More than anything, I wanted to experience that with you.”
    “And,” he says, nuzzling into my neck and kissing me gently, “I was looking forward to christening each and every room you wanted to as we took the tour.”
    Damn. His words are filled with need and my body instantly reacts to the tone. I need him.
    “Well, how about we christen this chaise lounge right now?”
    “Tsk tsk tsk, Cassidy, you’ve missed the window for unlimited sex,” he says, letting his lawyer tone take over again.
    “What? There’s no window for sex!”
    “Oh, but there is, my little vixen. It seems like you need to be reminded why we are meant to be. Why your name is supposed to be Mrs. Zachary Stafford. It’s my privilege to remind you of exactly that. So, first, I’m going to give you a tour and then I’ll show you my plans for today.”
    Zack pulls my hand excitedly and leads me into the house. Our house. I still can’t believe he bought us a house.
    “You’ve already seen the kitchen and the living room, but I’ll just point out some details for you. See those speakers up in the corners?” Excitement is bouncing off his body as his grip on my hand tightens.
    “That is surround sound that goes through the entire

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