Chasing Bloodlines (Book 4)

Chasing Bloodlines (Book 4) by Jenna Van Vleet

Book: Chasing Bloodlines (Book 4) by Jenna Van Vleet Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenna Van Vleet
came to see ye about, Head Mage. Forgive me,” he turned to Robyn. “I can see this is Kilkiny. Ye must be the Queen here.”
    “This is Queen Robyn Bolt,” Aisling stated.
    He bowed lavishly. “Your Magnificence, I am Mage Aelony, and this pleasure is mine alone. I would kiss thine hand, but ye would find mine cold, and I daren’t have our first meeting be so alarming.”
    Robyn smiled generously and extended her hand anyway. Aelony looked pleasantly surprised and carefully took it up to kiss. “Ye do me great honor, Your Magnificence.”
    “Thank you, Mage Aelony.”
    “Forgive me, Robyn, but I must return with him.” Gabriel said.
    “As I must return to our discussion,” Robyn said with a nod. She kissed his cheek with a whisper that made him smile, and Gabriel pulled Mikelle through the hinge.
    “I am ashamed it has taken me so long to find this,” Aelony said as he drifted to Gabriel’s desk. “I thought I knew the sections better, but time has taxed my memory. I believe this is the ward ye were looking for.”
    Gabriel picked up the slender folio and flipped open its pages, reading quickly. “This is precisely what I needed. As thanks I have decided to only ward the gates themselves, not the air between them, so you can still slip in and out when the doors are opened.”
    Aelony smiled gratefully. “T’is gracious of ye.”
    “Did you find what you were looking for in the books I provided?”
    Aelony shook his head. “Not yet, but still I read on. Head Mage, fair Mikelle, good day,” he bowed before slipping away in a shift.
    Gabriel turned to the hinge and worked the pattern out line by line. “This is complex. There are quite a few layers to it,” he murmured as Mikelle went back to her cooling chocolate.
    He fueled it, and a moment later he whispered, “Perfect,” and zipped away to the front gates to repeat the pattern. He returned minutes later with a smile. “The castle is protected.”
    “Ryker won’t attack with specters again. He knows you can control them.”
    “He would have found a way, or attack when I was absent. Speaking of which, fetch the Council will you?”
    “For a meeting?”
    “No, just in the anteroom.”
    She obliged, finishing her chocolate and making her way into the hall. ‘There HAS to be an easier way to summon everyone without personally hunting them down.’ She quickly rapped on the doors and sent everyone to the anteroom. Gabriel had already brought his parents through the hinge and shifted to Cinibar for Queen Challis.
    “The gate is secure from specters,” Gabriel announced to the sighs of relief from his Council. Mikelle marveled to see that even with them all standing, Gabriel seemed the tallest though he matched Dagan inch for inch. There was something about him that made him appear grand and imposing.
    “That being complete, it is now time for me to go across the mountains to Tintagaelsing. I need a team of Mages to accompany me. I would like Lael, Cordis, Galloway, Markus and Mikelle.” They all nodded their consent. “Very well, pack for cold weather. We leave two hours after sunrise tomorrow.”

    Chapter 9
    Gabriel woke and pushed the nightmarish vestige from his memory. They came less frequently now, and there were some days he did not think of the Castrofax at all, but the memories remained. Robyn had listened with blessed patience as he recalled details of the torturous month in Nolen’s hands, but he was winding towards the end of his story, leaving out the most painful of memories for days when he had more courage.
    Gabriel bathed and dressed, shaving his face with a Spirit pattern. He pulled the water from his hair that Robyn had trimmed back to its usual length brushing his coat collar. He chose a coat stitched with copper-embroidered feathers down the sleeves and across the chest to make a statement. No books detailed how Tintagaelsing’s politics worked, but the coat would make a declaration of wealth and prestige.

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