Calling for a Miracle [The Order of Vampyres 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Calling for a Miracle [The Order of Vampyres 2] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Lydia Michaels

Book: Calling for a Miracle [The Order of Vampyres 2] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Lydia Michaels Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lydia Michaels
small and frail, but there was strength in her posture and those old, blue eyes. He was unsure of her exact age and while at her age she would still be a baby were she an immortal, as a mortal she appeared weathered and past her prime, but still beautiful. Jonas could never deny her beauty and he felt as if he were betraying his wife all the more each time he acknowledged that fact.
    The man with the bible continued to speak softly over the grave. The children continued to stare numbly at the casket. And Clara continued to look at him. Her gaze felt so intense, Jonas would swear if she looked away, he would feel the relief of its weight, but she did not look away.
    “Why are you here?” she suddenly demanded of him. She had never spoken directly to him. He was so taken off guard that she did now, he said nothing in reply.
    The others did not seem to hear her or even notice his presence, most likely because it was not their dream. Her chin stuck out with defiant determination Jonas did not understand. She was not pleased to see him in her dream.
    “Are you the angel of death?” she asked accusingly and he was shocked that she would associate his presence with death. He was merely a quiet bystander of her dreams up until this point. “If you are, I suggest you go away. I’m not ready to go. You’ve taken enough from my grandchildren. Leave me be!”
    Her words were clipped and resolute, but Jonas saw the slight trembling of her chin, the uncertainty and vulnerability of her eyes. If he were the angel of death, she still would not lower herself to beg for time, no, his mate was too dignified for that.
    “I am no angel of death or otherwise,” Jonas assured her and some of the tension left her shoulders.
    “Then who are you? Did you know Sharon?”
    “Yes, my daughter, Dane and Cybil’s mother,” she replied, jerking her chin to the plot.
    “I am sorry, I did not.”
    “Then what business do you have here? This is my memory, my nightmare. I have seen you here many times yet I have no idea who you are.”
    “I am Jonas.”
    “And what does that mean to me, Jonas?”
    Apparently nothing, Jonas thought, as he hoped her presence in his dreams could mean to him, but he knew better. He knew he could not remain a quiet bystander forever. “Eventually I will come to you, Clara.” At the use of her name she stiffened, sharp, blue eyes drilled into his. “When I come to you I will offer you the gift of eternal life. You will offer me salvation.”
    She laughed in a way that lacked humor. “I see I truly am dreaming. You cannot promise me eternal life any more than I can promise the children a home that will survive the next year.”
    “The children have lost their mother,” he stated and she nodded. “You are all they have left?”
    “Yes. Isn’t God thoughtful? He has given two children an old woman at the end of her life to watch over them.” Her words dripped with sarcasm and Jonas could not help but smile.
    “I also have found issue with our Lord’s decisions as of late.”
    “Have you lost someone?”
    “No, but I will soon.”
    “In seventy-two years I have never forsaken my God, yet now that I am running out of time, I find myself wondering what I had ever done to deserve the life I was dealt. Perhaps death is the reward. I find life more and more punishing the longer it goes on.”
    Seventy-two. She did not look seventy-two for a mortal. She looked much younger to Jonas, but what did he know. He was a century-and-a-half-old immortal. “God has also bestowed me with a fate I find unkind.”
    “And what is that?”
    He took a deep breath. He would be honest. “I will likely die very soon.”
    The smile that spread across Clara’s face was unexpected. “So will I. The doctors tell me I only have a few months left.”
    “How can any man decide such a thing?”
    “Science,” she stated concisely. “I find it rather inconvenient to know such things. I would prefer ignorance. At least

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