Call to Arms (The Girl In The Arena Book 1)

Call to Arms (The Girl In The Arena Book 1) by Lara Lee Hunter

Book: Call to Arms (The Girl In The Arena Book 1) by Lara Lee Hunter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lara Lee Hunter
The trembling that she felt in them earlier had not been faked. She really had been terrified, and she still was in some small corner of her being, but she was also aware that this was probably going to be a day that she used the god’s fire inside the amulet.
    Her opponent today was young, and slammed. He looked nothing like the man that she had fought the day before and she knew just by looking at him that he was not a hardened or seasoned gladiator. What was going on? Why were they sending him in to fight her?
    The young man stepped to one side and held out a hand toward the door that he had just walked through. The crowd went nuts, screaming and cheering so loudly that the stands almost shook with the thunder of their applause.
    That’s when she saw him, he looked like Colossus! He could not be human! He was taller than any man she had ever seen, and his body was so heavy with muscle that his bare legs and upper arms looked like tree trunks had been transplanted onto a human’s body.
    The slim young man gave her a saucy wink and turned around, skirting a cute little curtsy at her opponent.
    The crowd went wild again and Reena stood there in the center of the ring, staring and totally bewildered. Her opponent began to strut around the perimeter of the ring, raising his arms above his head and shaking his fist in the air. The crowd began to throw things at him, small favors and even some fuels. She saw the wink of a ruby in the bright green gleam of an emerald.
    The thin young man ran about the ring picking up the gifts from the audience  and depositing them within his kilt. Upon occasion he was pulled his kilt just  a little higher, not enough to show anything but just enough to make the crowd roar its approval.
    “It’s a show.” Reena looked around herself to see who had spoken those words before she realized that she herself had. That’s just what it was, he was putting on a show! The crowd was eating it up, clapping and cheering and still throwing things on the ground.
    During her training she had overheard a gladiator say that some gladiators became extremely wealthy and bought their way to freedom; she had been sure that was a lie but now that she saw all these things landing on the sand she could understand how that would be possible.
    How did he do it? How did he get people to love him so much that they were willing to do this for him? The gems that were hitting the ground were expensive, as were the other favors. How did he make them love him so much?
    When he was done working the crowd and his helper had gathered up everything that was worth his attention, lifting his skirt in the back for one last little cheeky flirt with the crowd his helper fled the arena, his long hair flapping out behind him and his thin legs speeding across the littered sand.
    Reena was still bewildered and stunned, and she heard them announcing that the match was starting but she did know how to begin it. What should she do? She had no idea, really.
    The giant she was fighting did though. He came at her, slapping his hands across his gigantic arms and flexing his muscles so that his nipples bounced up and down in an incredibly disturbing manner.
    The crowd roared its approval all over again, but all she could do was wonder how on earth he had gotten to be so oversized, and why people seemed to find that attractive. She was paying attention to him and his antics and so she forgot all about the fact that he was there to kill her.
    Too late she realized that was exactly what he had wanted from her. His heavy meaty hands swung out and hit her so hard upside the right side of her head that it knocked her to the dust, sprawled out and almost unconscious.
    She could hear the crowd screaming at her, booing her and laughing at her too. They were cheering for the other guy, and she wasn’t sure that she didn’t blame them. If she had to make a bet, she’d probably bet on him and hope for the best.
    Nothing was making much sense at that

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