Broken Storm Part One

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Book: Broken Storm Part One by May C. West Read Free Book Online
Authors: May C. West
Tags: adventure, Romance, Paranormal, Action
with sharp moans.
    Chase Harlow took Keiko by the hand, running his
other up her side, over her breast and neck, then letting it cup behind her
    Then he led her to his bedroom.
    It would not last.
    The building was not as safe as he had promised.

Chapter 1
    T wo weeks earlier
    Keiko stood before the mirror. She wore a matching
white bra and nickers. She thumbed and poked at the flesh of her tummy, a glum
look on her face.
    These knickers were meant to make her feel sexy.
Well they weren’t doing their job.
    Pretty little white lacy numbers, the lady in the
store had promised Keiko that men would fall to their knees over her if only
she forked out 50 bucks for them.
    Keiko hardly had money for rent, and yet she’d
spent her week’s food budget on something she really didn’t need.
    Because who was Keiko Teshi trying to fool? The
last time she’d slept with a man was last year. It had been an awkward fumbling
affair and the guy had never called again, despite promising she was the best
thing that had ever happened to him.
    ‘How are you going in there? Let me see what they
look like.’ Jenny called through the door.
    Jenny was Keiko’s roommate. The tall, buxom,
outgoing one. The one who had slept with more men than she’d had hot dinners.
The one who could fill out a top, had a killer cleavage, and could balance in
even the highest heels.
    Keiko was her direct opposite. Small, flat-chested,
withdrawn, and painfully shy.
    ‘Come on, let me see,’ Jenny knocked on the door,
the sound shaking the old and rickety wood.
    Everything in this apartment was about to fall
down. Keiko was surprised it hadn’t been condemned yet. From the leaking taps
to the mold in the bathroom to the patches of ceiling that fell in after a
    Still, it was the best she could afford.
    ‘Don’t make me break this lock,’ Jenny threatened.
    Taking a sharp sigh, clamping a hand over her
stomach, Keiko opened the door. Then she leaned against it, using the bulk of
the wood to hide her form.
    Jenny crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing
them together. She twisted her lips to the side as she looked Keiko up and
    Keiko felt cold, embarrassed, and very poor. Oh, she
also felt stupid; only an idiot spends $50 on lace when they haven’t had a date
in months and there’s no food in the cupboard.
    ‘Come here,’ Jenny moved towards her, and without
invitation, she grabbed at Keiko’s bra straps tugging them higher. ‘You need
more lift.’
    No, Keiko needed something worth lifting.
    ‘Don’t you dare look like that,’ Jenny got a peeved
look on her face as her plush lips snapped around her words. ‘The secret of
sexy is not what you look like, it’s how you act. Now start acting sexy,’ she
actually smacked Keiko on the shoulder. But it was a light move.
    As Keiko rubbed at her arm, she kept her mouth
shut. It was very easy for someone who was the epitome of beauty to give Keiko
a lesson on attitude. With her legs and breasts and killer smile, Jenny didn’t
have to try.
    It felt like Keiko was climbing a mountain of
awkward every time she even looked, let alone talked, to a guy.
    ‘Come here, I’m sure I’ve got a top that will go
great with that outfit.’ Jenny motioned Keiko forward with a flop of her hand.
    Keiko looked hastily from side to side as she
followed Jenny through the corridor. She also danced a little on the spot,
using her arms to hide her bra.
    So no one else was in the apartment and unless
someone repelled through the windows Keiko would be fine. Still, she was not
one of those girls who was comfortable swanning around in nothing but her
    ‘Come on, Keiko, loosen up,’ Jenny latched a hand
on her bedroom door, swung in, and grabbed at the first top she saw. She threw
it Keiko’s way as she trawled further through the mound of clothes covering her
cheap rug.
    Keiko hugged it to her chest. She was thankful for
the little decency it gave her.
    ‘Oh, by the way,’ Jenny popped her head

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