Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do

Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do by Natalie Standiford

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Authors: Natalie Standiford
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never found out what would happen? Now that he'd seen how mature she could be—she'd been impersonating a grad student, after all—and he was half in love with her, maybe he'd finally understand that they were really meant for each other. Age didn't matter. The difference between them wasn't even that huge. Ten years—nothing! If he were ninety and she were eighty, nobody would bat an eyelash.
    All right,
she decided.
I'm going to do it. I've got to do it. I have no choice. This is my big chance to get together with the guy I've been dreaming about all year long! How can I let it slip away?
    Then her thoughts turned practical. She had to choose a place to meet. He was expecting to meet her in the city, which was good—the chances of someone they knew spotting them there were small. The trouble was, she didn't know the city
well. Where should they meet?
    She went online and searched a Web site that listed San Francisco restaurants. Nothing too fancy or expensive—that would turn Dan off. He'd said he didn't want a high-maintenance girl, and Lina wasn't one anyway. But still, she didn't want the biggest moment of her life to take place at some grimy old coffee shop. It had to be romantic.
    Then she came across a place that sounded perfect. The Garden Restaurant, with a leafy back garden, moderate prices, and open for lunch, right downtown.
    Dear Beauregard,
    Thanks for asking about my screenplay. It's going well. I'll tell you all about it when we meet.
    Yes, I've decided that you are right—it's time for us to meet. I know you think I have this glamorous life, but your e-mails are better than grad school or parties or watching movies or the best book. I live for them. And I'm very curious to meet you. I hope you won't be disappointed when you see me. I don't know what you think I'm like in person, but I might not be what you expect.
    Are you free this Saturday? We could meet at a place I know downtown called the Garden at one o'clock. If that's all right with you, just let me know.
    Well, I'd better get back to my writing. I can't wait until our lunch!
    She re-read it, then pressed SEND. Now all she had to do was find a way to sneak into the city without anyone knowing. She got up and paced her room. She was going to have a tough time sleeping that night. At last, a date with Dan! She'd been dreaming of this moment for months. What should she wear? Should she do something with her hair, maybe put it up?
    But her happiness was tempered with nervousness, and even fear. What would happen when he found out the truth? Would he embrace her? Would he be angry? Would he give in and realize she was meant for him—or would she lose him forever?

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    W hy are you drawing Stephen's face on Sean's body?” Holly asked Mads. She had come up to the art room to hang out for a few minutes before she went home for the day. The Art Fair was only a week away and Mads was working on her project every afternoon.
    “You think it looks like Stephen?” Mads said. “It's not supposed to.” She showed Holly the digital beefcake shot of Sean she'd chosen to work from. It was the Popeye, show-me-your-biceps one. Holly burst out laughing.
    “You're going to draw him like that? He looks so—so—so—”
    “What?” Mads said. “This one had the most interesting composition. The arms give it symmetry but the way he's turned toward the camera adds depth—”
    “Who cares about that? What I'm saying is he looks like a cartoon character.”
    “You think? I don't know. I don't like to judge the picture until it's finished/’ Mads said. “You never know how it's going to turn out in the end. But I
want his face to look like Stephen's. That's weird.” She set the sketch aside. “I'll come back to that one. I think I'll work on

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