Bound by Danger

Bound by Danger by Terry Spear

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Authors: Terry Spear
nightmare went away.”
    The cliffhanger of a nightmare. Would it ever disappear for good? “Thanks for chasing it away.” She picked up a pen and tapped it on the desk. “Sorry I didn’t fix you breakfast this morning. All I have time for is just a quick fall out of bed on work mornings.”
    “But you had time for a quick kiss.”
    Yeah, she did. Seeing him lying there sleeping as sweet as a cherub, intent on shooting the bad guys if they appeared, she just had to give him a kiss before she left. “Had to make time for that considering you’ve only been able to sleep on your couch or mine the last couple of nights.” She waved at a seat and when he sat down, she said, “Okay, so tell me…how did you manage to talk both the editor of the newspaper and my commanding general into going along with this fiasco?”

Chapter 8
    Dave couldn’t believe he’d never awakened when Deidre readied herself for work that morning. In fact, when Bill tried to wake him sometime afterward, he’d had a difficult time. Even though another agent had followed her to work for her own safety, Dave had every intention of driving her. Hell, he’d planned to serve her breakfast in bed even.
    Panicking while dressing earlier, Dave had had Bill’s reassurance that she was fine. Not that Bill didn’t question him as to why Dave had slept so late.
    But Dave could have kicked himself for sleeping later than he’d planned.
    He couldn’t break his cover and tell her the truth, though he wanted to more than anything else in the world. Yet, if he told her, then where would he be? Would she think he was a heel for investigating her brother? Most likely.
    Now, Dave smiled at Deidre dressed in her Army fatigues. Even in uniform, she was prettier than anything he could have imagined. Then he feigned hurt as he held his hand to his chest. “I was asked to do the report, Deidre. You know, the call I received on Sunday.”
    “And the general?”
    She was suspicious. But then Dave had already noted she had a skeptical nature.
    “My boss already talked to the general last Friday about it.”
    Now the question was…would she buy it?
    Deidre still couldn’t fathom that the newspaper would want to write on something as boring as her job. “So what are you going to report on?”
    “Not me.” Dave must have really sold the editor a bill of fluff.
    “The life of an Assistant G-1,” he continued, attempting to look totally sincere.
    She couldn’t believe it.
    “I can’t tell you what my boss thinks of me—not here, but he’s already threatened me if I don’t get my work done.” She could see how Dave’s job could interfere with her own and get her into more trouble with her senior rater.
    “So get your work done. I’ll follow you around like a lost puppy dog and take notes.”
    He’d be an adorable puppy. The notion made her smile. “Ah, but can I read the write-ups before you print it?”
    Dave chuckled. “Don’t trust what I’d write?”
    The phone rang and Deidre answered it before she could comment. “Hello, Cpt. Roux, Assistant G-1 speaking.”
    “This is Major Renton and you have me scheduled for duty on the roster for the weekend. I’ve already pulled it this month.” The major was brusque and angry.
    Deidre opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again as the major continued to talk. Dave grinned back at her. He’d probably been there…same kind of scenario when he served on active duty, too.
    “If you can’t get your act together you shouldn’t be handling the duty roster,” the major railed.
    She smugly smiled. The major had called the wrong office. “Sir, I manage the staff duty roster for G-1. I don’t have any of the airborne unit officers listed at all.”
    “What are you trying to pull, Captain? No company grade officer is going to jerk me around. If I have to, I’ll speak to the G-1 about this.”
    There was that ugly word…G-1. Deidre took a long breath. “Sir, the AG Company,

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