Boneyard (The Thaumaturge Series Book 2)

Boneyard (The Thaumaturge Series Book 2) by Cal Matthews

Book: Boneyard (The Thaumaturge Series Book 2) by Cal Matthews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cal Matthews
frowned hard at me. “This is like a Tarantino movie,” I moaned. “A bad one.”
    “It’s not the one she drives! I put him in the Oldsmobile that’s parked in the garage. She never drives that one.”
    I couldn’t even reply. I just glared at him, shaking my head like I could will it all away.
    “I didn’t know what else to do!” He threw his hands out defensively, his voice going a little shrill.
    “Okay,” I said, rubbing my temples. “So you took both the bodies. You intended to drive them out of town—with no real concrete plan in place—”
    He made a growling noise, but didn’t protest.
    “You ‘panicked’—” I made air quotes. “Dumped Morgan, thus necessitating our eventual need to steal her fucking body from the morgue and hide her in my place of business. Your idea, I might add.”
    “Again, the other option was your shed.”
     I talked over him. “Then, because you hadn’t had enough fun yet, you stashed Corvin’s corpse in the trunk of my mother’s car. But it’s okay because it’s just the Oldsmobile.”
    “Look,” Leo snapped. “Regardless. One body or two, it doesn’t matter. The locations of those bodies don’t matter. The details of how they ended up in those locations don’t matter, Ebron . I’m fixing this, okay? Just don’t freak out and—”
    “A man came into my shop yesterday,” I interrupted and Leo stopped mid-sentence, his mouth hanging open. Then his eyes narrowed.
    “What man?”
    “That’s what I needed to tell you. A lawyer came in. He was looking for Corvin.”
    “A lawyer was looking for Corvin?” Leo stood up suddenly, gripping the sides of the table with enough force that I heard the Formica creak.
    “Yeah. He was kind of a dick, but he didn’t seem suspicious or anything. Leo?”
    Leo moaned, a weird, distressed noise that made me get to my feet too.
    “What?” I asked, alarmed. Clearly, I was missing something. “Leo, what ?”
    “This is very bad,” he told me softly. His eyes went stony, his face slack. The quiet declaration sent a cold finger down my spine.
    “What?” I begged. “Who is he?”
    “I’ll have to go tonight,” Leo said, speaking as though to himself. “We can’t wait any longer. I’ll leave right now and get help and we’ll take care of the bodies and... “
    “And what?” I asked.
    “And hopefully we’ll both make it through this alive,” Leo said.
    I swallowed hard. “Oh, my God, Leo. And you’re telling me not to freak out? What the fuck?”
    “Call your mom,” he said, sinking back into the couch. “We need to move the corpse to your shop. Then I’ll go and plead our case.”
    “Leo,” I tried again.
    He gave me a firm nod. “C’mon, babe. Pick up the phone. Let’s fix this.”
    He watched me pace the living room, my phone wedged between my shoulder and my ear. I kept shooting him nervous glances, but he gazed at me passively, his fingers steepled under his chin.
    “Hi Mom,” I said into the phone.
    “Hi honey. What’s up?”
    “Oh nothing. How are you?” La de da. Have you got a corpse in your car? Can you believe this weather?
    I listened to her tell me about her day, her voice punctuated by her chronic smoker's cough that made me deeply regret the half pack I had just smoked. The pleasant buzz had faded and now there was just a cottony feeling in my lungs that meant I would be huffing a little bit the next time I went for a hike. I wedged my socked toe into a tear in the carpet and waited for her to stop talking about ordering new checks from her online bank.
    “You should get a debit card,” I said and Leo made a complicated sequence of movements with his eyebrows that indicated I should move the conversation forward.
    “Mom,” I said abruptly, interrupting her mid-rant. “I need to borrow your car.”
    “Why?” she said. She grumbled, clearing her throat in stops and starts.
    “Um, my truck is acting up.”
    “Where are you going?” That was a valid

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