Blood Seed: Coin of Rulve Book One

Blood Seed: Coin of Rulve Book One by Veronica Dale

Book: Blood Seed: Coin of Rulve Book One by Veronica Dale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Veronica Dale
don’t know what you’re talking about!” But he remembered the distant cries, the vision in the common field, and how he had rejected it.
    The old man put his hand on Sheft’s shoulder, and such was the strength of his kindness that he could not pull away. “Do you want to know?”
    “No! I didn’t come here for that.”
    “I’m sorry, son, but this is how the tree of the world continues to grow and unfold. You can accept or reject it, but this burden is yours.”
    “My only burden is the one you see in my face, in my veins! You know exactly what I am, and it’s not this—this redeemer.”
    “As you say, lad, I know exactly who you are.” He reached out and touched, very gently, the place beneath Sheft’s ribs. “And deep in there, you also know.”
    Sheft dashed the man’s hand aside. “I know about hate, about being a foreigner. I know about blood so dirty it attracts night-beetles. I know about roots and ice and fear. That’s what I know.”
    “There’s more to you than that.”
    “I can’t be what you said!”
    Untroubled, the old man gazed into his eyes, and for a moment the memory of that incredible love brushed over Sheft. “I hear your words,” Miramakamen said, “but I will keep listening for your heart to speak. I trust you, S’eft, and you must also trust me.”
    The old man stood, and so did Sheft. He felt as if some crisis had passed, but then realized it had merely moved into a future time and place. His face, he discovered, was wet with tears. He didn’t know why they were there, and wiped them away on his sleeve. “Miramakamen, what should I do regarding Mariat?”
    “The young lady I just spoke to?”
    He nodded. 
    “You must act with courage, my son, and with compassion. But most of all, you must do what love demands.” 
    The old man scooped Sheft’s coins out of the bowl. “I will not take these from you, for you will be asked to pay a far greater price. I am sorry, S’eft, but because you love, you will be wounded.” He placed the three coins in Sheft’s hand, one by one, as he spoke. “By a child, by your brother, and by the dark.”
    Emotions he could not understand raked through him. “I have no brother!”
    Miramakamen turned him around, held open the tent flap, and gently pushed him through.

Chapter 9. In the Horse Field
    It seemed to Sheft that he came back to a different world. Clouds had gathered while he was in the tent, and the colorful crowd now had become faded and sparse. Many people were packing up their wares and leaving. But Mariat, waiting under the tree and holding the pale yellow blanket, seemed as dear and compelling as ever, though somehow far away. It felt as if he walked a long distance until he could take her into his arms.
    She looked up at him in concern. “You’re as pale as a mushroom! What did Miramakamen say to you in there?”
    Arm in arm, he led her back toward the wagon. What could he tell her? Where to begin? He needed to go off alone, to make some sense out of what he had just experienced, but Mariat was looking at him expectantly. He chose the most truthful answer he could manage. “A journey. He said I was about to go on a journey.” 
    “The same was predicted for me! And I am to meet a tall, dark, and handsome stranger.” She smiled teasingly. “Just like you, Sheft, except you’re not dark.” She was silent a moment. “But you said ‘he.’ Miramakamen is an old lady.”
    “An old lady! With a grey beard?”
    “You saw an old man ?”
    “I did.”
    Mariat chuckled. “The rascals. Probably a husband and wife team, relieving each other from time to time.” Her arm went around his waist. “Perhaps that’s something we can do one day. Abandon dull farm work! Travel the countryside! Work the market-fairs and make a living off gullible villagers.”
    He drew her closer to him, but his spirikai squirmed with vulnerability and denial, his mind spun with questions, and what was it exactly that love demanded?

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