Blood Lust

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Authors: J. P. Bowie
Tags: Romance
Jared, his once-time lover, would be returning soon to Los Angeles. He might even be able to pick up on Andrew’s message.
    “Andrew…” It was Marcus, always so quick to heed any warning or cry for help from his people. “You are probably correct in your assumption that Tommy’s friend is in danger. On no account must Tommy try to interfere. Use all your power to prevent this. Constantine tells me that Lord Kardis is aware of Dakar’s plot to overthrow him and will use every tactic at his disposal to destroy Dakar and anyone who follows him.”
    “But if Alex is among them…”
    “It is regrettable, Andrew, but we must think first of those in harm’s way—the unsuspecting humans who may get caught up in the fight.”
    “Alex is human.”
    “Not while he is in Dakar’s thrall, if that is what has happened to him. Only Dakar, or Dakar’s death, can free Alex now.”
    Andrew’s cell phone rang seconds after he finished communicating with Marcus.
    “Andrew, it’s me. I can’t get away from the station, darn it. There’s an emergency on the 101 freeway so I’m needed.”
    “I understand, Tommy. In the meantime, I will talk with Marcus and see what can be done about finding Alex.”
    “Thanks Andrew. I love you.”
    “Love you too.” Andrew was not about to tell Tommy what Marcus had said about the situation with Alex. His lover was not yet ready to hear that kind of bad news, and probably never would be.
    J.P. Bowie

Chapter Nine
    Alex awoke to the sound of what seemed like hundreds of voices all talking at once. He sat up in the narrow camp bed he was lying on and stared about him, then gave his head a sharp shake in order to clear it of the fogginess he felt clouding his memory. How had he got here? Here, in this strange place surrounded by strangers, men and women in some kind of military uniform. He glanced down at what he was wearing and gasped. A dark green sleeveless T-shirt and camouflage pants. Where the hell had these come from?
    He looked up, his surprised gaze taking in the cavernous space that soared above him.
    The place appeared to be a huge aircraft hangar, certainly big enough to house two or three jumbo jets.
    What the hell? He searched in his pocket for his cell phone. He had to call Tommy or Chief Lambert and explain why he wasn’t at the station. But how exactly was he going to explain this? The point was moot in any case—his cell phone wasn’t in his pocket. He turned to stare at the man lying on the bed next to his.
    “What is this?” he asked. “What’s going on?”
    “Damned if I know,” the man replied, sitting up and rubbing his forehead. “I just woke up. Helluva headache…”
    “Yeah,” Alex muttered, acknowledging the dull throb between his eyes. “Only had a couple of beers last night.”
    “I didn’t even have that much!” The man gave Alex a rueful grin. “Jason Bradley, by the way.” He held out his hand.
    “Alex Benson.” Alex took the proffered hand in a firm shake. “So, maybe we should go find out what this is all about.”
    He stood, noticing that Jason was dressed in an identical uniform to his own. He also noticed the man was just slightly taller than him, with broad shoulders, dark, short-cropped hair and warm brown eyes. Despite the strangeness of the situation, Alex was never slow to appreciate a hot guy, and Jason certainly fit the bill.
    “Guess you don’t know anything about the fatigues either.”
    J.P. Bowie
    Jason stared down at what he wearing, obviously seeing the uniform for the first time.
    “Damn…someone’s got a bunch of explaining to do.”
    Around them, other men and women milled about aimlessly, obviously all wondering why they were here—and where exactly was here? Their attention was suddenly and noisily drawn to a raised dais onto which strode a tall, blond-haired man followed by four other men, all in military gear,

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