Black Sheep (Rawkfist MC Book 1)

Black Sheep (Rawkfist MC Book 1) by Bijou Hunter

Book: Black Sheep (Rawkfist MC Book 1) by Bijou Hunter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bijou Hunter
up, my father was a
moonshiner. Sometimes, dangerous people showed up, and Mom’s still paranoid.”
    “They’ve been
divorced for over a decade,” Journey says, cracking her knuckles because no one
has mentioned her manliness in a while.
    “People around
here never change.”
    “Good to know,”
I say, opening my door. “Let’s get this done so I can return home and imagine
Court naked.”
    “I may still
puke,” Poppy mutters, following me to the front of the car and waiting for
Christine to stop fiddling with her hair long enough to join us.
    “Don’t be
nervous,” Journey says to Christine. “You look beautiful. You’re a powerful
woman returning to her hometown as a success. Everything else is just gravy.”
    Christine cups Journey’s
face and gives her a grateful smile. I watch them and wish I had been smart
enough to say something supportive first. Damn Journey and her quick
    “What’s the
holdup?” Coretta yells when we stand on the gravel driveway rather than
approach her.
    “She does
realize she’s got the shotgun, right?” Poppy asks. “If she’s senile and
carrying weapons, I’d like to prepare my will before meeting her.”
    Christine sighs
loudly, realizing she’s stuck between her bitchy mother and three bitchy
daughters. The poor thing is flustered, but she puts on her brightest smile and
walks to her mom waiting on the porch. They hug, and I think Coretta says
something about Christine’s body being only a little saggy after having three
    I frown at Journey,
who shrugs. My other sister is giving the shotgun a death glare, and I suspect
she might steal it.
    Coretta looks worn
down by life but not in a sweet old lady way. She seems as if she’d fuck any
willing man and kill any possible threat. There’s something impressive about
her snarling face. One day, I want to be a bitchy old person. Wouldn’t even
mind if the local kids fear my house and think I’m a witch.
    “Are you a
lesbian?” Coretta asks Journey.
    “No, but I am a
bitch willing to punch foolish old ladies.”
    Coretta snarls
enough to show off her yellow canines. “You weren’t raised well.”
    “Do you want
those to be your last words?”
Christine admonishes. “Mom is just playing.”
    “No, I’m not.”
    “I know, but I
don’t want Journey to kill you.”
    Coretta takes a
puff of her cigarette before focusing her blue-eyed gaze on me. I’m pretty
proud of my bladder for holding fast despite my fear.
    “Which one are
you again?”
    “I’m Justice,
Grandma. Your favorite, remember?”
    “Why do you
have a boy’s haircut?”
    “Because I knew
you wouldn’t approve, and I wanted us to get off on the wrong foot.”
    Coretta glances
back at Christine. “Your daughters have rude mouths.”
    “It’s genetic,
no doubt.”
Coretta finally looks at Poppy. “This one is beautiful. Looks like you,” she
says to Christine. Our grandmother takes Poppy’s hands and lifts her arms to
get a better look at her body. “She’s got all the right curves unlike those
    “Yay for
Poppy!” I cry. “Grandma wants to bang her.”
    Poppy yanks her
hands free. “While you might want a piece of this, old timer, I’m too shallow
to find you attractive.”
    “Your kids are
horrible, Christine. Maybe if you’d spent more time raising them and less time
playing the working woman, they’d have turned out better.”
    “They’re good
girls. Spirited. Independent. Confident.”
    “Stop,” I
whisper to Christine. “You’re making it worse.”
    “This isn’t
going well.”
    “Five bitchy
women in one place will never go well. You should know that.”
    “I’m not
    Journey burst
into laughter first. Poppy follows once she shakes off knowing Grandma thinks
she’s hot. Hugging Christine, I try not to laugh in her face.
    “If it makes
you feel any better, she’s really old and will probably be dead soon.”
    “She’s my
mother,” Christine growls

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