Bind Me Before You Go (Entangled Brazen) (Serve)

Bind Me Before You Go (Entangled Brazen) (Serve) by Harper Kincaid

Book: Bind Me Before You Go (Entangled Brazen) (Serve) by Harper Kincaid Read Free Book Online
Authors: Harper Kincaid
Everything you’ve got. I promise you, I won’t break.”
    A flash of emotion went across his face, then he brought his mouth onto hers. He fisted her hair in one hand and grabbed her by the throat with the other. He held her there, his firm grip impossible for her to escape, but she didn’t want to.
    He took her mouth and sucked on her tongue, then moved his hands down to grasp her ass and rub his steel erection between her legs. He released her mouth only to bring his tongue down the column of her throat, and then bit hard into the curve of her shoulder, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough that she figured she’d have a bruise for at least several days.
    He lifted his head to view his work on her. “Fuck, that’s beautiful,” he muttered softly. “I love seeing my mark on you.”
    She didn’t say it out loud, but Cassidy really liked the idea of bearing his mark on her skin, too. Like a brand. Like being owned. She loved the thought of going to work tomorrow knowing it was still there, underneath her clothes where no one could see.
    He sucked on her hard nipples, and she thrust her breasts into his mouth. Each time he pulled on them with his lips and teeth, a bolt of electric arousal pulsed through her sex and made her keen for release. But even in his frenzied state, he took his time.
    He worked his way down her body, then got on his knees so that his face was lined up with her awaiting cleft. He dove his mouth between her legs and went at her like a man denied his favorite meal for too long. She’d never seen someone so turned on by giving a woman pleasure, and that helped her let go of any conscious thought.
    Soon she was all sensation. No logic, no analysis, no reason. All she cared about was the way that tongue of his licked magically at her clit.
    Then he stopped and she cried out, bereft over the loss of his mouth on her. He wove another seat for her out of the rope, like he had before at the demo.
    Once he was done, he stood up and began spinning her in circles. The ropes twisted on the wide and strong wooden ring above her head. He alternated between spinning and pushing the swing back and forth. It was like a wild ride, and she let out a squeal from the center of her being, a place and a feeling inside her she’d long forgotten.
    And then he stopped her again and began exploring her body with his hands, his lips, and his tongue. He did this over and over again, until she begged him to stop. Her head was swimming, her equilibrium shattered.
    He brought his fingers inside her. “You ready for me? You want me inside?”
    She closed her eyes because the room was still circling around her, but it was his whisper in her ear that helped her center herself.
    “I don’t want you, I need you inside me.”
    She opened her eyes just in time to see the most satisfied smile play across his face.
    “That’s good because I’m going to take you now, Cassidy, and I’m going to give you all of me. And I’m going to make it so you’ll never want another man between your legs again.”
    He dug out a condom from his bag and sheathed himself fast. Then he grabbed her by the hips and drove himself deep inside her.
    His head fell back, and a sound somewhere between a growl and a moan escaped him. Without losing a beat, he used the momentum of the swing to thrust into her hard. Her eyes rolled back, and she reveled in being filled so completely by him.
    He leaned into her body, kissed her swollen lips, and fisted her hair in his hands. He wasn’t using the swing to drive himself into her anymore. Instead, he held her in place, tight, their bodies slick with sweat. He rotated his hips while plunging deep, and he massaged her clit with every turn and thrust of his body.
    She started to tremor, her legs shaking as her orgasm built, as her moans turned into desperate pleas.
    “David, it’s too much! I can’t—I’m gonna—”
    “That’s it,” he said. “Give into it.”
    Her eyes were heavy-lidded, barely

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