Billionaire Romance: Spencer's Obsession (A Seductive Alpha Billionaire Romance Book 1)

Billionaire Romance: Spencer's Obsession (A Seductive Alpha Billionaire Romance Book 1) by Kaycee Kline

Book: Billionaire Romance: Spencer's Obsession (A Seductive Alpha Billionaire Romance Book 1) by Kaycee Kline Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kaycee Kline
look at me with that signature look of his—filled with depth and desire—and slowly, so excruciatingly slowly he leaned in to kiss me. His lips caressed mine and they were so velvety and luscious I couldn't believe they weren't rose petals. And then, when I thought that the kiss couldn't get any better, our tongues met once more like they had the night before and everything just felt like it shifted into place—like this was where I had belonged all along.
                  I felt Spencer's hand caress my cheek, so warm and comforting and I moaned into his mouth, “Oh, Spencer. I want you so badly.”
                  I felt him smile, so wide that all his perfect teeth showed and he said softly, “I want that too, Emily. It's all I've been thinking about since last night. But you know, I do have these dinner reservations for us. As much as I'd love to just skip it altogether, I need to ensure that you're well nourished for the night ahead.” His forwardness sent shivers through my body and I couldn't wait to find out what he meant—what he had in store for me. When I was with Spencer, the rest of the world seemed to fade away. All of my problems didn't seem so big and what had happened this morning felt erased in his presence. As if it had all been a bad dream. Yes, maybe that's all it was. Just a bad dream, I thought to myself.
                  I heard someone clear their throat and that's when I remembered: Oliver. Oh, my God! He'd just witnessed our heavy make out session. A blush crept up my cheeks and I looked at Spencer. We both started laughing like hyenas and I fell down into the seat and covered my face.
                  “It's alright, dear. He's seen much worse. Haven't you, Ollie?” Spencer teased. And although it was in good fun I couldn't help but think about those other women-for-hire that Spencer had had before me. How many had sat right where I was sitting, feeling the way I was feeling? I felt foolish for thinking that I was special and my lighthearted and giddy mood quickly faded.
                  “We have arrived, sir,” Oliver replied, seemingly unfazed by the whole situation.

Chapter 13
                  Inside the restaurant we were greeted by the maitre d’, who knew Spencer by name and seemed genuinely pleased to see him.
                  “Aaah, Monsieur Ford. We've been expecting you. We have your usual space set up. Right this way, please,” he said with a thick French accent, which seemed somewhat ironic since we were at an authentic Italian restaurant in Crystal Cove. Somehow, though, it only added to the charm of the whole experience.
                  As we trailed behind the maitre d’, I whispered over my shoulder to Spencer, “Your usual space? You're a regular here?” I pressed, still unsettled by what he had said in the car to Oliver. I couldn't help but feel like just a number.
                  Spencer gave a disapproving and tight-lipped look, then shook his head slightly. Apparently he didn't want to talk about it.
                  The maitre d’ led us to a quaint and cozy room in the back of the restaurant that looked like it had been made just for us. It was a quiet space that was dimly lit by a stone fireplace and the glow of fifty plus candles placed strategically around the room. It was absolutely beautiful.
                  Spencer showed me over to a cozy table that was surrounded by a halo of  candlelight. I sat as gracefully as possible on the edge of my seat and then slid the rest of the way back, careful not to snag the delicate fabric of my dress.
                  After helping me get seated, Spencer sat down across from me and the maitre d’ gave a nod, “Monsieur Ford. Mademoiselle. Please enjoy your meals.”
                  “Thank you, Gregoire,” Spencer replied. And with that, Gregoire was

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