Betrayed (Betrayed #1)

Betrayed (Betrayed #1) by Melissa Jupp

Book: Betrayed (Betrayed #1) by Melissa Jupp Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Jupp
flicked my tongue out a few more times and nibbled on his neck. Kincaid stood stock still, the only movement he made was his shuddering.
    I felt my teeth elongate in my mouth. I ran my tongue over my fangs testing them out. Taking a deep breathe I bent my head back into his neck and ran my fangs across his skin, licking, and nibbling. I pressed my fangs into his skin testing it out. Once I got the right spot I pressed down and broke the skin. Kincaid moaned and pressed my head into his neck further. I bit down further until I felt blood rush into my mouth. You would think blood taste coppery but it doesn’t. It tastes like the sweetest of sweet nectars. I spun around in Kincaid’s arms, wrapped my hands in his hair and wrapped my legs around his waist, and sucked greedily at his neck.
    Kincaid pushed me up against the wall with his hand on the back of my head pushing me into his neck. His other hand cupped my bare ass holding me in place. I felt heat run through my body straight between my legs. I pushed myself closer to Kincaid and ground my pussy against his hard cock. He pushed back into me and we both let out a loud moan. He held me tighter against him rocking back and forth rubbing on me. Not in my entire life have I ever felt anything like this before. This wasn’t pleasure, this was pure ecstasy. The more I sucked the more we rubbed against each other both of us getting more frantic with our movements. We pushed and pulled moving to the rhythm of my sucking.
    I felt a relentless pressure building up in my body, refusing to back down, threatening to spill over and take out everyone and anything in its path. I rubbed harder and faster trying to find release. Kincaid seemed to know what I needed because he cupped my pussy from behind and rubbed my hard swollen bud as fast as he could. “God Jessi you feel so fucking good,” he breathed in my ear. I rocked my hips against his hand needing more. Both of us finding the perfect rhythm together. The pressure just kept building I thought I was going to bust wide open if something didn’t happen soon.
    Kincaid lifted me further up his body not even breaking a beat with his hand on my clit. He bent down with me attached to his neck and pulled my nipple into his mouth through my shirt. If felt his teeth graze my nipple and I let out a half growl half moan of pleasure. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore he bit down on my nipple. I ripped my mouth away from his neck and screamed out my pleasure.
    Kincaid ripped my shirt and bra up out of the way to get better access to my breast. He stopped long enough to look down at my breast, “perfect, so perfect,” he whispers. He bent back down to continue his onslaught on my breast. He was biting, sucking, and licking like his life depended on it. I reached down and grabbed his jaw with my hand and pulled his mouth to mine. He didn’t just kiss me. No Jason kisses. What Kincaid was doing was devouring me. He didn’t ask permission for entrance he just took it. Our tongues twisted and battled for dominance, he won of course, and I gladly let him. He had one hand twisted in my hair and the other massaging my breast.
    I didn't realize we even moved until I felt my back press down onto something soft. I pulled my mouth away from Kincaid to see what I was pressed against when I realized it was my bed. Kincaid didn’t stop kissing me. He kissed me along my jaw and down my neck. All I could do was writhe underneath him and ride out the wave after wave of pleasure that was assaulting my body.
    Underneath him? Underneath Kincaid? Wait something doesn’t seem right about that. Blood. I drank blood. Oh my god! I put my hands on Kincaid’s chest and with all the strength I could muster I shoved as hard as I could. Kincaid went flying backwards straight through the wall into the next room. I jumped up, didn’t even see if he was okay and ran like hell. When I got just inside the tree line I shifted into my wolf. I know I could have

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