Beg for It

Beg for It by Stacey Kennedy

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Authors: Stacey Kennedy
Tags: Romance
“Beg for it, sweetheart."
    The pain tightened her jaw but sent a zing straight to her pussy. “Master Kole, please, may I come?"
    The smile that swept along his face was one of sheer adoration for her. However, a note of pure sin appeared in his gaze before he twisted her nipples further, and agony drifted across her in a marvelous embrace.
    "Hold your breath, darlin'. This is going to be intense."
    After she inhaled, he released his fingers on her nipples. Blood rushed into them so quick that the pain jolted her body into the highest level of pleasure. As her scream filled the air, he squeezed both breasts and thrust his cock into her. “Come. Now."
    The sensations slammed into her like an order she couldn't dare refuse. Her back arched, body tightened, and eyes leaked with tears of satisfaction.
    She jerked against the ropes, convulsed against his body, and screamed as if that would free her from the intense release bombarding her. Heat exploded. Light danced before her eyes. A rush of pleasure soared through her, releasing all her tension. And with a loud roar, Kole buried himself in her ass and soared into his own climax.
    When her muscles loosened, the aftereffects of her release left her a quivering mess. A tremble so deep in her soul that if she opened her mouth, she had no doubt her teeth would have chattered.
    Kole panted in heavy breaths as he rested his forehead against hers. “Good girl, Bella."
    After a long pause, he kissed her cheek. “I'll be only a minute, darlin'.” He shifted his hips, pulling out of her, then strode toward the tray. After he removed the condom and cleaned himself with a wipe, he returned to her; then he cleaned her.
    Once he deposited the wipe in the garbage, he proceeded to remove the ropes from her body. She hissed when he placed her feet on the ground, as all the blood rushed back into her body from where the ropes had restrained her.
    He dropped to the ground, sitting against the wall, and pulled her onto his lap. She inhaled his scent of sandalwood mixed with sex and sweat. Her chest rose and fell as she fought to catch her breath.
    He pressed his lips against hers, softly, not rough like before. Tongues tangled in a dance as his plush lips made her heart warm. Safe. Adored.
    "You succeeded,” he whispered with an amused tone, drawing her out of her haze.
    "Succeeded, Sir?"
    "You didn't come when I pushed you.” He chuckled, low and throaty. “You could have come very hard many times during our scene, yes?"
    "So hard, Sir, and a lot."
    "Be proud of yourself, Bella. You overcame something that you couldn't do in that last scene. That's very good.” Skimming his lips from her neck to her cheek, he licked his way to her mouth, where he pressed his lips against hers. His kisses weren't a simple embrace; they held meaning and told her she pleased him.
    After a nibble on her bottom lip, he backed away and stared at her. “Any worries now that you can't keep up?"
    She shook her head, dazed, but now understood why he'd done this scene tonight. He was shedding her worries that she wasn't enough for him. He hadn't held back, and he issued a lot of pain and refusal of orgasms, which she managed. Pride in herself, yes, she was touched by that.
    "None at all. And if that was any indicator of what I've been missing out on trying new things, then gimme more."
    He grinned. “How about I take you to dinner first?"
    "Better idea"—she licked his bottom lip—"skip dinner, and how about you tie me up for dessert?"
    He gripped her chin, darkness seeped into his eyes, and power radiated from him. “Watch that mouth, Miss. I don't take to kindly to demands made of me and have more than a few ways to make sure you remember that fact."
    "I'll be sure not to forget.” Although. Maybe ... “What would be my punishment if I forgot, Sir?"
    "Something entirely wicked and kinky.” He gave a dark, seductive smile. “And you'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?"
    "Yes, Sir."
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