Beers, Hens, and Irishmen (Warbler's Point Series)

Beers, Hens, and Irishmen (Warbler's Point Series) by Meghan Quinn

Book: Beers, Hens, and Irishmen (Warbler's Point Series) by Meghan Quinn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Meghan Quinn
                  She found herself practically skipping and humming through the aisles of the general store with her basket. She was looking down at the list on her phone when she ran smack into someone in the dairy section, thank God she didn’t have her eggs yet because the impact with the other human made her drop her basket, scattering her grocery contents all over the floor.
                  She looked up and started to apologize until she realized she ran smack into Neala. Fire was blazing in Neala’s eyes and a slight vein was popping in her neck. Sophie noticed that Neala was holding a cup of coffee that was now taking up residence all over her silk shirt. Sophie felt her mouth drop open in shock.
                  “Oh my God, Neala, I’m so sorry…”
                  “Don’t touch me you bitch.” Sophie was grabbing for napkins to help wipe Neala off but stilled mid-air when Neala’s words slipped out of her mouth.
                  “Pardon me?” Sophie always prided herself in not swearing, some may say she was a goody two shoes but she just considered herself a true lady.
                  “I said, don’t touch me bitch.”
                  Shocked by Neala’s animosity towards her, especially since Sophie did nothing to deserve it she said, “You don’t have to be so rude.”
                  “Rude? I’m the rude one? Oh I’m sorry, I’m not the whore breaking up marriages and families. You know we have a little girl, right? She is going to have to split time between her parents and holidays now. I hope you’re happy.”
                  Sophie couldn’t believe the words coming out of Neala’s mouth. What kind of crazy fantasy world was she living in?
                  “I’m sorry Neala that you and Liam are having some problems but by no means am I to blame for them and I resent the fact that you think that low of me.”
                  “Don’t bullshit me you little tart. I know you’ve been seeing my husband and fucking him when I’m not around.” Neala’s voice was slowly starting to escalate in volume and Sophie could feel herself blushing from embarrassment especially since every word dripping from Neala’s mouth was a bold faced lie.
                  “I have not been f…I have not been doing anything with your husband. I don’t know where you’ve been getting the idea that I have but I would never break up a family because that is what happened to me. I would never subject another woman to that pain so I would appreciate it if you would lower your voice and stop spreading lies about me and your husband.”
                  Apparently Neala didn’t care what Sophie said because Neala did the exact opposite and escalated her voice to a higher decimal and said, “Lies? Lies? The only lie around here is your denial in sharing your sexual slip and slide with my husband.” Neala pushed Sophie against the little snack shelves, sending metal into her shoulder blades. “You are nothing more than a little two faced home wrecker.” Neala pushed her again, sending snacks scattering all over the aisle. “You act like you are some little innocent bug eyed prim and proper girl but you really go around fucking people’s husbands and destroying their family life.” Neala went to go shove her again when she was stopped by very large hands.
                  “Neala, what the fuck are you doing?”
                  Sophie hadn’t seen him in a while but she would recognize Finn anywhere. His looks were always so classic. He looked like Liam but younger with beautiful light brown eyes that were always covered by his trendy thick rimmed black glasses. He filled his body out with pure muscle and grew up to be a man. She was shocked by how instantly attracted she was to him, especially since he was currently

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