Bear Naked

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Authors: Jessica Sims
Tags: paranormal romance
Leif was more than big enough to handle my weight and long limbs. He carried me to the bed and then gently lay me on my back.
    And suddenly, it was like the world didn’t exist outside of us again. I smiled up at him, all suddenly right in my world.
    “My lovely ‘Lina,” Leif murmured as he moved on top of me. “When you smile at me, I feel like I can do anything.”
    I love you , I wanted to tell him, my heart aching with love and affection for this warm, tender man. But I remembered my father’s harsh words.
    You do realize Leif didn’t want you?
    And so I kept my declaration to myself. I didn’t want to blackmail him with confessions of feelings, or make him feel more trapped than he already was. So I simply kissed him, and poured my emotions into that.
    His tongue slicked into my mouth, welcoming my kiss, and I moaned when it brushed against my own. His hands went to my breasts, caressing the tips through my shirt. I began to tear at his clothing, greedy for the feel of his skin against mine.
    Leif’s growl of response surprised me. “That’s one thing I miss about the Antarctic,” he murmured, pressing hot kisses to my mouth between words. “Too many clothes here.”
    I had to agree. My fingers tore at the buttons of Leif’s shirt, until I’d loosened them enough to reveal a patch of bare skin underneath…and snarled in frustration when I found an undershirt. “How many layers are you wearing?”
    “Too many,” he said with a laugh, and began to tug at my own jeans.
    It took a few minutes for both of us to wriggle out of our clothing between kisses, but then we were naked, skin pressing against skin. I gave a sigh of pure bliss as I felt Leif’s familiar weight settle between my hips. Surely nothing felt better than that.
    He pressed his cock between my legs, rocking there, and I wrapped my legs around him.
    Leif’s mouth immediately covered mine, muffling my throaty sounds. “Hush, love,” he said. “You don’t want someone hearing you and investigating. This isn’t our island. You can’t scream my name anymore.”
    I nodded understanding, but I wasn’t about to let a little something like ‘neighbors’ interfere with my need for Leif. I brushed my tongue against his, whimpering quietly when his hand moved to my breast and teased my nipple into a peak. He knew just how to touch me. In response, I sucked on his tongue, because I knew he liked that and it always made him lose control.
    I liked making him lose control.
    This time, it was Leif that groaned, and I felt his cock thrust against my warmth, sliding between my folds. His hand left my breast and searched between my legs for my sex, and groaned when he found me wet. “It doesn’t take much to turn you on, does it?” he whispered.
    “Your kiss is enough for me,” I told him, and ran my tongue along his lower lip, then bit down on it, enjoying the way that dazed, sexy expression swept over his face. Just that look in his gorgeous blue eyes would turn me on, if I was being honest. The very sight of him, aroused and warm, was enough to make me wet.
    “Foreplay tonight?” He asked between kisses, and I felt his fingers glide over my clit.
    I moaned in response, only to have the sound muffled by his mouth on mine again. Whoops. When the kiss broke, I told him, “Sex now, foreplay later.”
    He chuckled at that. “I think that’s backwards.”
    “We’ll just have to do it until we get it right, then,” I murmured, and brushed a thumb over one of his flat nipples, enjoying the crispness of his chest hair against my skin. “I’m game if you are.”
    His response was to push my legs further apart and place his cock at my entrance. His mouth covered mine, and then he thrust deep.
    My cry of delight was swallowed by his kiss, which was a good thing, because I’d entirely forgotten my promise to be silent.
    His mouth continued to cover mine as he began to thrust deep, his body pushing into my welcoming one. I whimpered into his

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