BareBottomGirl by Sarina Wilde

Book: BareBottomGirl by Sarina Wilde Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarina Wilde
rubbed his back. “Good. I like it when the good guys
    * * * * *
    It had taken him a while to settle down. When Liam had first
stalked into his studio, his breathing had been uneven, his heart pounding and
his fists knotting. He hadn’t dared to touch the sculpture for the Children’s
Museum. Instead, he’d pulled out some fresh clay, sitting at a work table and
letting his fingers begin to push and rub and shape. To begin with, what had
come forth had been his anger, swirling the clay into an angry mess he’d
eventually slammed back onto the work surface.
    For a moment, all he could do was stare at it in
frustration, but then he’d closed off the negatives and let his emotions go. He
looked now and saw a roughed-out shape of Greer as she’d been last night,
arching into the corner of the couch, her clothes in disarray and her small
breasts bare and aroused. It might not look like her yet, not to the average
eye, but it did to him. Liam continued to work, his concentration restored and
Julie just a dim, bad memory.
    When he finally sat back, he saw Chas leaning against the
door frame, arms crossed across his chest. Someday, Liam would sculpt him too.
    “Can I see?” Chas murmured.
    Liam pushed back from the table and nodded. With that
beautiful, graceful stride of his, Chas traversed the length of the studio,
stopping when he had a good view of the piece Liam had roughed out.
    “Greer?” Chas’ glanced darted to him for verification and Liam
nodded. “Does she know?”
    “No. Don’t tell her. I told her I wanted to sculpt her and
she freaked.” Liam looked at the piece and sighed. “I’ll probably toss it, but
damn I don’t want to.”
    “It’s good. Really good. Even without the facial features
in, it’s her—the lines, the posture. She’s stunning. And surprising.”
    Chas raised his brows. “Did you really expect things to go
as far as they did?”
    “No way. And I certainly didn’t want to push.” Liam covered
the model with a wet cloth. “I think I’ll let it sit for a while until I figure
out if I want to finish it, and if Greer will actually model so I can perfect
    “Where is she?”
    “Inside. She took Wyatt in to get him away from Julie.”
    “You okay, Lee?” Chas cupped the back of Liam’s neck. For a few
seconds, Liam lost himself in the intense blue of Chas’ eyes. The love and
sympathy reflected there were nearly his undoing.
    Liam sucked in a shaky breath. “How is it you’re always here
when I need you?”
    “That’s easy. I love you.”
    Liam stared out the studio window, blinking the moisture
from his eyes. “You and Greer. I’d be a basket case right now without you.”
    Chas bumped shoulders with him. “Come on. Let’s go in. I
could use a shower. I’m sure you could too. Then we’ll relax with Greer and
Wyatt. Just the thought makes me smile.”
    When they reached the top of the stairs, Liam heard Wyatt’s
laughter rippling down the hall. Curiously, he continued past the door to the
master suite and toward the front of the house. He paused in the doorway to his
son’s room. Greer and Wyatt were both sprawled on the floor with paper and
crayons scattered around them.
    “Draw Daddy! Draw Daddy now.”
    Wyatt’s dark curls blended almost without demarcation into
Greer’s short hair. Wyatt slung a chubby arm around her shoulders while she
worked on something in front of the two of them. She tensed at the contact,
then relaxed and continued to work.
    Liam swallowed past the lump in his throat. He’d never seen
his son so relaxed with Julie. Greer was more than stunning and surprising, she
made him feel things he’d thought had gone forever.
    “What about Chas?” Wyatt murmured. “Can he be Superman too?”
    She tucked the crayon behind her ear. “Well, I guess he
could, but shouldn’t we make him his own superhero?”
    Wyatt’s little feet kicked back and forth in the air behind

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