Baghdad or Bust

Baghdad or Bust by William Robert Stanek

Book: Baghdad or Bust by William Robert Stanek Read Free Book Online
Authors: William Robert Stanek
packaged and largely dehydrated foods. MREs contain a main item such as barbecued pork, hot dogs, or ham; a vegetable item; and a dessert such as a brownie. Also usually included is instant coffee or hot chocolate and crackers with peanut butter, jelly or cheese.
    The material flight suits, flight jackets, and flight gloves are made out of. It is designed to resist flames.
    Night Vision Goggles. NVG are very similar to binoculars except they allow you to see in the dark. Small and distant lights can be reflected through the green of the viewer. Afterburners reflected in NVG are normally a very bright green.
    The operations center. A center of control for missions and crews.
    A group of friendly aircraft, which usually includes fighters, bombers, and radar jammers projected to enter enemy territory. A package normally refers to more than one wave (or groups) projected inbound into enemy territory.
    An aircraft’s hardstand or parking area.
    Refers to the EF-111. A capable radar jamming aircraft.
    Refers to the RC-135. A reconnaissance aircraft.
    Surface-to-Air Missile. Iraq’s SAMs ranged from handheld Stingers, to mobile SA-13 air defense units, to fixed sites such as SA-2 sites. SAMs are fired at enemy aircraft. SAM sites/units depend on radar and command and control communications for their effectiveness.
    Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, a high security, restricted access facility.
    Security police. A security police officer.
    Knocking an enemy fighter/aircraft out of the sky (destroying it).
    Refers to an aircraft’s channel or radio frequency.
    Refers to the A-10, a ground attack aircraft.
    The air traffic controller at base.
    A group of friendly aircraft, which usually includes fighters, bombers, and radar jammers projected to enter enemy territory. Part of a package.
    Refers to F-4G fighter. A capable fighter that can locate and then destroy enemy electronic emissions. Also used for reconnaissance.
    (see Jam window)

    Start of the Persian Gulf War
    Wed., 16 Jan  Alert
    Thursday, 17 Jan  Fly to Turkey
    First week deployed
    Friday, 18 Jan  1 st combat flight
    Saturday, 19 Jan  2 nd combat flight
    Sunday, 20 Jan  3 rd combat flight
    Monday, 21 Jan  4 th combat flight
    Tuesday, 22 Jan  5 th combat flight
    Wed., 23 Jan  6 th combat flight
    Thursday, 24 Jan  7 th combat flight
    Second week deployed
    Friday, 25 Jan  8 th combat flight
    Saturday, 26 Jan  9 th combat flight
    Sunday, 27 Jan  10 th combat flight
    Monday, 28 Jan  11 th combat flight
    Tuesday, 29 Jan  12 th combat flight
    Wed., 30 Jan  13 th combat flight. First major ground offensive
    Thursday, 31 Jan  14 th combat flight
    Third week deployed
    Friday, 1 Feb  No flight
    Saturday, 2 Feb  15 th combat flight
    Sunday, 3 Feb  16 th combat flight
    Monday, 4 Feb  16 th flight ends
    Tuesday, 5 Feb  17 th combat flight
    Wed., 6 Feb  18 th combat flight
    Thursday, 7 Feb  no flight
    Fourth week deployed
    Friday, 8 Feb  19 th flight
    Saturday, 9 Feb  20 th combat flight
    Sunday, 10 Feb  20 th flight ends
    Monday, 11 Feb  21 st combat flight
    Tuesday, 12 Feb  22 nd combat flight
    Wed., 13 Feb  MPC
    Thursday, 14 Feb  MPC
    Fifth week deployed
    Friday, 15 Feb  23 rd flight, Baghdad
    Saturday, 16 Feb  Bad weather
    Sunday, 17 Feb  Bad weather. MPC
    Monday, 18 Feb  25 th flight, Baghdad
    Tuesday, 19 Feb  26 th flight, Baghdad
    Wed., 20 Feb  No flight
    Thursday, 21 Feb  27 th flight, Baghdad
    Sixth week deployed
    Friday, 22 Feb  No flight
    Saturday, 23 Feb  Green light for ground war. 28 th flight, Baghdad.
    Sunday, 24 Feb  29 th flight, Baghdad. Ground campaign starts. Late evening 30 th flight, Baghdad.
    Monday, 25 Feb  30 th flight return. Kuwaiti New Year.
    Tuesday, 26 Feb  31st flight, Baghdad
    Wed., 27 Feb  32 nd flight, Baghdad. Liberation of Kuwait City

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