Baby Love: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
Please .”
    I took a deep breath to explain. “I received more mail and Callie is insisting that she get to open it.” It was another moment before I realized Callie had only let me go first to distract me. She grabbed the biggest box and upturned it onto the sofa. I yelled to stop her but it was too late. A mountain of lace, silk, and ribbons fell out of the package.
    “Aha!” Callie yelled in triumph. She pointed at me with victory in her eyes. “I knew it. More panties from your new boyfriend Zane.”
    I didn’t know what made me do it, but my eyes darted self-consciously over to Patrick, whose face had turned wooden and lifeless. He didn’t say anything. “I think you two can work this out between yourselves,” he said, turning and walking back to his bedroom.
    Callie’s face fell. “Patrick? Patrick, wait. Are you alright? Was work terrible?” Her voice trailed off as she followed him upstairs.
    I picked up the underwear and shoved it all back into the box, blushing as I saw crotchless panties and balconette bras with scraps of lace substituting for cups. The other two boxes were filled with dresses, most of them as flimsy as the one he’d sent me the other day. I was re-assembling the boxes when I realized there was a note taped to the top of the largest one. I’d missed it in Callie’s impromptu emptying of it.
    I want to see you again. Tonight. I’m coming to pick you up at six p.m. I can’t wait any longer than that to taste you again.
    My knees trembled as I read it. I collected my boxes and headed back to my room. I needed a shower and a change of clothing. And a Tylenol for good measure. I might be in pain but the sex had been so amazing that I was willing to go another fifteen times before midnight if that was what it took.
    Patrick and Callie didn’t come down from their bedroom. I’d thrown on a red linen sundress that barely contained my chest; the creased fabric kissed the tops of my thighs. I left a note for them on the kitchen counter saying they shouldn’t wait up for me. I was glad I didn’t have to see them. I had zero interest in explaining myself. I didn’t need to be told that what I was doing was irresponsible.
    I was glowing. Nobody could take that away from me.
    Zane was unexpectedly half an hour early. I was already sitting on the stoop enjoying the perfect summer weather, so when he pulled up I skipped to the black Land Rover. He was still in his business clothes. I was barely in the front seat before he pulled me over to him and kissed me fully on the mouth. I melted into him. It was minutes before we pulled away from each other, panting.
    “We’re going to my place,” he said, sticking his hand up my skirt and resting his fingertips right next to my mound. I shuddered with pleasure. He pulled away from the curb and I cast a final glance up at my sister’s townhouse. Patrick was standing in the upstairs bedroom window looking down on me. I gave him a short wave and a smile, but he didn’t return it in kind. Instead he shut the curtain.
    “I missed you,” Zane said, smiling at me from behind his aviator sunglasses. His dimples erupted, his white teeth revealed in a blinding flash of sexiness.
    “Drive fast,” I retorted.
    Zane’s place was glorious. His penthouse took up the top three floors of the skyscraper; he’d removed part of the upstairs so the wall of windows in the main living space was three stories high. The windows overlooked the heart of downtown, the river, and all the way out to Lake Michigan.
    I barely got a glimpse before he pushed me against the wall and started kissing me passionately. He ran his fingers up into my hair and rained kisses down the side of my neck and across my clavicle. I pushed back against his body, breathing in the scent of his cologne. “Good rest of the day at work?” I whispered as he unbuttoned my dress and slipped it over my head.
    “Less talking, more fucking,” he replied.
    "Not gonna argue with that," I

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