Atkins and Paleo Challenge Box Set (10 in 1): Over 400 Atkins and Paleo Recipes With Pressure, Slow Cooker and Cast Iron for Busy People (Atkins Diet & Paleo Recipes)
Experiment with what works and what doesn’t, then build your own routine around those points that make the most sense in your life.

Chapter Two: Tools of the trade
    Technology is a wonderful thing. And lately, technology has become a tool that the busiest people use to simplify their lives. While you might think that attitude is reserved for busy professionals and office gurus, the truth is that you can incorporate some of the latest technologies into your kitchen to help you cut down on the time you spend there.

In this chapter you will learn:
Some of the top rated, creative and time-saving cooking tools and kitchen appliances you’ll want to consider investing in.
    Hand blende r — These super sleek blenders, also known as “immersion blenders” mean you can mix, puree, and blend right in the pot without messy transfers and without plugging into an electrical outlet.
    Flexible cutting boar d — Chopping, scooping and dumping has become old school. With a flexible cutting board you just chop and dump. These boards are made of playable plastic that allow you to bend them into scoops for easy transport across the kitchen; not to mention how easy it is to pour vegetables right into a broth. And having more than one is bonus.
    Digital tong and thermomete r — Now you can turn your meats and vegetables on the stove top or grill while checking the temperature to make sure they are cooked well. Going for as low at $15, this tool will have you producing well cooked meats and tender veggies.
    Bag re-seale r — These gadgets reseal any commercial bag, from that bag of potato chips you cheated on to the plastic bag of salad greens you are storing.
    Spiral cutte r — You can Julien cut your favorite salad ingredients for a pretty and refreshing meal all in one step. Even better is this tool is small and can be stored in the tightest drawer.
    Salad spinner — Use it to dry washed veggies and greens, mix up tasty salads and to store extra food. It may take up some room in your cupboard but its versatility makes up for its bulkiness.
    Food scal e — Why guess when accuracy is at your fingertips? You can even find cutting board versions with food scales incorporated into them. Bonus: you can purchase liquid measuring cup with a food scale incorporated as well.
    Palm peeler — Cut down time wielding that old fashioned peeler. The palm peeler fits in your hand and requires minimal pressure to peel your fruits and veggies. They are also typically dishwasher safe.
    Kitchen funne l — It’s not just for oil changes. A kitchen funnel is smaller than a colander yet works in the same way, saving you from having to scoop up those lost pieces of food from your sink.
    Handless ziplock bag holde r — This little gadget will hold up your ziplock bag as you fill it. Meaning less mess and hassle as you store precooked and prepped food.

Is there an app for that?
    Yes, there is! Apps are a great way to stay mobile and organized as you work your Atkins Diet success. I recommend the apps below as tools to help you get organized and stay focused on your weight loss goals.
    Atkins Carb Counte r — This free app does it all; from help you create customized eating plans based on which phase you are in to tracking your carb intake. You can view your results by the day, week or month and your progress is charted for you to easily view. It also recommends nearby restaurants that are Atkins Diet friendly.
    Atkins Diet Recipe s — Available both on iTunes and Google Play, this app has Atkins Diet inspired and approved recipes for each phase. You’ll get the added benefit of pre-made shopping lists.
    DailyBur n — Because a healthy lifestyle means incorporating exercise into your daily routine, but tracking your workouts is time consuming you’ll want this free app. The DailyBurn helps you easily enter your workouts, with sections for types of exercise and calories burned. It also provides you with assessment tools that analyze what you’ve

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