As the Cowboy Commands [Ecstasy in the Old West 2] (Siren Publishing Allure)

As the Cowboy Commands [Ecstasy in the Old West 2] (Siren Publishing Allure) by Robin Gideon

Book: As the Cowboy Commands [Ecstasy in the Old West 2] (Siren Publishing Allure) by Robin Gideon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Gideon
Tags: Romance
time,” he said. “For now, it’s your nipples that need your lips.” He pushed his hips forward, sliding his cock between Helen’s thighs until she could see the crown of his erection in the mirror just beneath her pussy. Feeling his hard cock rubbing against her labia made the nectar of Helen’s pussy flow even more freely. “Can you taste your pussy on your nipples?”
    Helen was shivering with need. This game, tantalizing as it was, had gone on long enough as far as she was concerned. She wanted—no, she needed —to have Jared’s enormous erection pumping between the lips of her pussy, not just sliding against them.
    “Answer me, Helen.” His tone was stern. Disobedience would not be tolerated.
    “Yes,” Helen whispered. “I can taste my…” Her words faded with her courage.
    “Say it, Helen. I want to hear you say it.”
    She caught her left nipple between her teeth, bared her lips so that she could see the contact of teeth to nipple, and then bit down with steadily increasing force. Self-inflicted pain mingled and heightened self-administered pleasure. She sucked greedily on the nipple for several seconds before releasing it. She finally answered, “I can taste my pussy on my nipples.” She moved her hips just a little, rubbing her buns against Jared’s pelvis. “Please…won’t you fuck me now?”
    “Now do you see how truly beautiful you are?” His hands were firm on her hips, holding her in place as he slid his cock back and forth between her thighs, rubbing his shaft intimately against her tingling pussy. “Now when you look in the mirror, do you see the sexy woman that I see?”
    Helen looked at her reflection. She recognized the lush beauty of her extravagantly rounded breasts, but she also saw the generous hips and thighs. Softly, honestly, she replied, “I’m trying to.” Old habits and deep insecurities could not be immediately banished. “But at least you believe I’m beautiful.” She sighed softly. “And that’s all I really need to know.”
    She looked at Jared’s reflection, seeing his damp hair pushed back from his forehead, the dazzling brown eyes, the nose that had perhaps been broken in his youth, the mouth that could kiss with such amazing skill and speak such amazing words.
    Jared said, “Tell me what you want. Tell me and I’ll make it happen.”
    Helen shook her head. “Tell me what you want. I’ll give you anything.” She shifted her hips, feeling the enormous length of Jared’s fiery cock between her thighs. “When I don’t have your cock inside me, I’m empty. I feel”—she paused, searching for just the right word—“incomplete.” Jared put his right hand to Helen’s mouth, tracing her lips lightly with his fingertip as she spoke. “What can I do to make you happy?”
    “You have the sexiest mouth,” he whispered.
    Helen knew, then, what she had to do, what she wanted to see. She turned slowly, but as she did, she never took her eyes away from the mirror. Reaching behind herself, she found Jared’s erection and wrapped her fingers around it. Then she sank slowly to her knees, with the mirror to her right, pulling Jared around so that he was standing in front of her. She leaned forward, her gaze on the mirror, watching herself as she began licking the crown of his erection. After several seconds, she captured the entire head of his cock between her lips and sucked tenderly upon it.
    She saw herself, at that moment, as a separate woman, independent of the flesh-and-bone woman she had always envisioned. Helen watched as her lips slid over the head of Jared’s cock then saw her cheeks hollow as she drew a vacuum upon him. Turning her face slightly to have a better view of the mirror, she took Jared deeper into her mouth and trembled when her cheek swelled outward lewdly from the crown of his cock pushing against it. It was a gaudy visual image of herself that played havoc with her senses, but seeing her own lips gliding along Jared’s manly

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