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Authors: Erin Nicholas
self-centered. And she’d often wondered if he was right. Like she wondered if Luke and her father were right about the fact that she couldn’t make a good decision until she’d tried all the bad ones.
    “You’re right,” she finally said softly. “I should be grateful. You came to get me when there was no one else.”
    Obviously her acquiescence surprised him.
    “That’s better.”
    He started to move to open the door again, but she put her hand on his arm. He froze.
    “No, really, Marc. Thank you. You saved me. If you hadn’t come I’d… Well, I don’t know what I would have done.” The reality of that hit her and she had to swallow past a thickness in her throat. “I was out of options.”
    The muscles in his arm under her hand bunched.
    “Luke or Kat would have come eventually if I hadn’t.”
    “But you did.”
    “I couldn’t have just left you there.”
    “Because you’re a good guy. We haven’t always been the best of friends, but you still helped me out and I won’t forget that. Maybe we can…”
    He was watching her closely. “We can what?”
    For some reason it felt like the temperature in the car went up a few degrees. “Be friends?” she asked.
    He didn’t say anything for a long moment. He seemed to be studying her for something. Then he drawled, “Being sweet and agreeable isn’t going to keep me from driving you to the airport tomorrow morning, Seattle.”
    It was strange. He kept calling her Seattle and she liked it. Not because she loved Seattle. She did, but there had been some not so great times there too. But because it felt—intimate. No one else called her that.
    Being intimate with Marc was a bad—tempting, but bad—idea.
    Then she remembered the rest of his words. “I’m not being agreeable to win you over.”
    “Talking about having sex with me isn’t going to win me over either.”
    Sabrina glared at him. “I wasn’t talking about having sex with you. But,” she said as a thought hit her and adrenaline surged, “if I did have sex with you, it would make you want to do anything I want for the rest of your life.”
    She wasn’t sure where the bravado came from. She knew for a fact that having sex with her didn’t exactly make men fall at her feet. Maybe Luke, but he’d been—she could admit it—pretty much at her feet already. And she hadn’t hung around for long after to see how it went. Paul had high-tailed it in the other direction, in fact. Maybe not because of the sex, but that certainly hadn’t slowed his departure. Still, there was—and always had been—something about Marc that made her want to push him, no matter how dumb that was.
    Marc leaned in and his voice dropped low. “Having sex with you would be a diversion while I’m far from home and on edge. Trust me when I say that I’m not worried about the rest of my life.”
    She leaned in too and narrowed her eyes, in spite of the fact that her stomach flipped simply in response to his husky voice. The sexual chemistry between them was not one-sided and while she doubted there would be worshipping from either of them, she wasn’t going to let him be quite that nonchalant.
    “I don’t think it’s sudden hero worship,” she said.
    He seemed to lean closer. “You been harboring secret desires for me for years? You should have said something.”
    “I could have helped you out. Then you could have left Luke alone.”
    “I did leave Luke alone. Like a few thousand miles and four years alone.”
    “Not soon enough.” Marc’s jaw tightened, but then he paused and visibly relaxed. “But if you and I were getting it on, Luke would have been pissed off enough to stay away from you.”
    She’d been a virgin until she was twenty and she’d had no sexual feelings for Marc that she remembered, but now thinking about having sweaty, new, teenage sex with him on a blanket by the river or in the backseat of his car made her thighs clench and rush of heat flow from head to

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