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Authors: Gloria Obizu
they caught up with me at the Laundry room and tried getting me to say some, but I had nothing to sell so they left me alone.
    What exactly did they say to you? Isabel asked.
    You know, things like, where you at the party? And did you see anything? And what am I supposed to tell them Isabel? What? I didn’t see a thing and God knows I’m telling the truth. I know I lie a lot, understand? But that was the truth. I denied I was at the show though. I know it was a dumb thing to do but that was the best I could at the time.
    You did a smart thing Carissa! You talked to some of your friends already, right?
    And none of them saw or heard anything? Isabel continued probing.
    The whole thing happened so fast, remember?
    I know. Isabel responded. Do you think anyone in the building knows something?
    No! I doubt. Only two guys from the building were at the party and I believe they are hiding somewhere ‘cause I haven’t heard a sound from them since last night. The only thing I’m sure about right now is this, whosoever it was that took those bullets last night for whatsoever reason was a guy, Carissa said.
    How did you get that? Isabel asked anxiously.
    The police talked to Miss Brighton, the lady at apartment 48 and told her a guy took those bullets last night. Babe, know what this whole thing smells like? Something taken out of the fucking horror pictures and I desperately seek to figure it all out. Right now, I’m so confused, understand? Carissa continued.
    Me too! But don’t worry! I’m sure we will find out what is going on one way or another! I’ve been with the Police too! Isabel added in a casual manner.
    For real!
    Yeah! They called me around noon and were slapping me around just the same way they questioned you; what was the party for? What did you see? What did you do? And all kinds of stuff, but I wasn’t just talking a lot. I’ve seen this kind of thing before and I know how you get in trouble if you open your mouth so wide with those guys in uniform, so I didn’t say much. I advise you to be careful too!
    Sure! You are damned right Isabel! Did they say anything about your roommate? Carissa asked.
    You know they did! Isabel continued.
    And what was it they said about me?
    Some shit like, do you live alone? And I answered no. So they kind of probed more but I shut them down on that. I just didn’t wanna talk about it and they let it pass, Isabel said.
    If they talk to you again remember I was never at the party, okay? Tell them we don’t get along so I wasn’t invited. I know they gonna talk to me again, I already prepared what to say and you better be ready too ‘cause they surely will talk to you again too. Girl! I tell you some; it is been one hell of a long day. All that was not even supposed to happen, get what I’m saying? It was just a birth day party and all we did was have fun with our friends and now this! Can anybody say we were doing anything wrong? Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here? Wherever I go some kind of hell goes with me! Isabel you see what I’ve been talking about?
    I’ve told you many times to stop saying that shit Carissa? I know the whole thing happened on my ticket but I don’t think I’m worked up as much as you. Calm down babe! We’ll probably understand this whole thing better when it comes up on the damned TV this evening? Isabel said.
    Yeah! That’s what Tasha said. They always have this kind of thing on TV and since the time says few minutes after six, I could as well turn the damned thing on right away! Carissa said and switched on the TV. It wasn’t too long before what they were looking for came up on the 6pm news.
    Here we go! I told you so. Isabel said as she adjusted for what was coming.
    Shit men! The police taking some questions from the paparazzi folks. Babe looks like this is gonna be one hell of a big issue. Carissa said as she too took to a vantage position.
    Sir! Do we have further updates on the Wilkinson street party shootings?

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