Anno Zombus Year 1 (Book 8): August

Anno Zombus Year 1 (Book 8): August by Dave Rowlands

Book: Anno Zombus Year 1 (Book 8): August by Dave Rowlands Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dave Rowlands
Tags: Zombie Apocalypse
stunned at the news of Dingo-related butchery.  “The Master sends his greetings.  He heard what happened when you guys got back to town and he wants to help.”
    “Unless he can sneak some of his people through the underground tunnel network into the facility underneath the Palace and bust her out, I don't see what he can do.”  Jester mentioned, casually.  Deathwish shrugged.  “Even then, he'd have to hide her from The Queen, which might not be so easy to do.  If he can do all that, tell him to take me as well, yeah?”
    The Queen wanted to have lunch with me, alone.  I didn't much like the idea, but I figured that it was probably better to play along, at least for now.  She told me that she's not forbidding any of our group to visit with Apocalypse Girl, though she's still planning on having her killed once she gives birth.  If she had a competent surgeon, she was telling me, it wouldn't have been so much of a big deal.  She would simply have had my child cut from Apocalypse Girl, in that case.  It wasn't so much what she was saying that had me on edge, after that... No, it was more the way she had been saying it.  As though a common, every day practice, like mowing the lawn or washing the dishes.
    After a while, though, the conversation turned once more to security.  She had heard of the Dingoes and their slaughter of her subjects, and she was not amused.  “If we can't protect our farmers, why should they continue to farm for us?” was the question she raised.  “The Master's idea, the airport?  Do it.  I need you to go into that fucking place that killed my former Sheriff, clean it out and get me a replacement north wall.”
    Visiting with Apocalypse Girl, I told her about the Dingoes and The Queen's orders to infiltrate and cleanse the airport.  She settled into my arms.  “Don't get yourself killed, whatever happens to me, okay?”  I looked into her eye, promised to get her out of this place.  “If you have to, just get free of her , alright?  I can take care of myself.  I'd prefer not to have to, obviously, but if it comes down to it, leave me here.  Promise me you'll do that!”
    After a couple of hours spent with her, The Queen sent for me.  The messenger left no doubt as to Her Majesty's royal intentions, I only hoped for continued impotence.

August 22 nd Year 1 A.Z.
    Fortunately for me, a certain monthly occurrence took Her Majesty's attention away from breeding with her new Sheriff, so I took the chance to visit with Apocalypse Girl.  The layout of this facility was much like any other we had visited, so I was able to make my way around without an escort.  The guards, knowing full well who I was, let me in without too much trouble, just the promise of a good word with The Queen.
    “About time you got here!”  Apocalypse Girl exclaimed, leaping into my arms as I entered her cell.  “I get kinda bored sitting here all by myself, you know...”  I told her that I was doing everything that I could to try and get her out of here.  “No need, really.  I'm well looked after here, you know...”  She mouthed the words 'they're listening' during the pause.  “And I think that, as long as we both cooperate, The Queen should calm down.  I hope she calms down enough to let me back out, but in here at least I get decent food!”
    We spent the majority of the morning together, until Jester, dressed as a puppy today, came for me.  As I looked into Apocalypse Girl's eye one for one final moment, Jester told me quietly that Deathwish might have come up with a plan to get her out.
    “It all revolves around those bloody mutant Dingoes.  If they attack tonight, we can use the distraction to spring your girl and get her to safety.”  Jester smiled the whole way back to my office, where Deathwish waited.
    “Hey, man,”  The leather clad lunatic with his ever-present, never-ending bag of baked beans greeted me. 

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