Angel Sleuth

Angel Sleuth by Lesley A. Diehl

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Authors: Lesley A. Diehl
Tags: General Fiction
was less of a worry for her than the other secret she was keeping.
    Jeremy’s gerbil saved her from confessing.
    * * *
    Just before dinner, Kaitlin banged through the front door. “Mary Jane, we need to talk.”
    “Mom’s in the shower,” yelled Jeremy from the kitchen.
    Kaitlin walked over to the table where Jeremy was tearing up old newspapers.
    “When she’s finished, could you give your mom and me a little adult time together?” She pulled out a chair and sat. “What are you doing?”
    “Making bedding for Sissy, the gerbil. Wanna help?”
    “Sure. Hand me a stack of papers.”
    About to rip the obituary section into strips, an item caught her eye. It was Leda’s obit. She scanned the copy. Born in New York City. Married. Services were at Temple Beth Israel downstate. Odd. What was Leda doing clutching a cross in her hand when she died if she was Jewish?
    “I wondered if you’d seen the notice,” said Mary Jane. She had tied a towel around her wet hair, making her look as if she’d just stepped off the masseuse’s table at an expensive spa.
    “No. Did you know Leda was Jewish?” asked Kaitlin.
    “I missed that. So that means…”
    Kaitlin scrutinized Mary Jane’s face. The woman did not miss much, unlikely she would overlook Leda’s religion.
    “It means that cross she gripped in her hand was probably not hers. Maybe she grabbed it when someone…”
    “When someone, maybe that elusive figure you saw in her living room, pushed her down the stairs.”
    “But she died of a heart attack,” Kaitlin said.
    “Or someone scared her to death,” said Mary Jane.
    “Can you really scare someone to death?”
    “Is this the adult stuff you wanted to talk to Mom about?” asked Jeremy. “I’m finished here. I’m going up to my room.”
    “I guess you wanted to discuss what I’ve been up to, right?” Mary Jane asked.
    “You don’t even want to deny anything?” asked Kaitlin.
    “I didn’t want you to know. It’s your business, but I thought I could help.”
    “Well, stop being so helpful. It’s getting annoying having you know my every move, my thoughts. Just quit it. You are not my guardian angel. Go guard someone else.”
    Mary Jane wrung her hands. “I told you I can’t guard anyone, not until my assignment comes through.”
    “Please, please. No more of this. I can’t stand it.”
    Kaitlin turned her back and fled up the stairs to her room. And that’s when she saw them.
    The advice column letters and Leda’s laptop.

Chapter 10
    Creepy, just plain creepy. How did those letters and the computer get here? Kaitlin looked at the open window and the large maple tree whose branches hung enticingly close to it. That way.
    Or the person came up the stairs.
    She flung open her bedroom door and yelled down the hallway. “Mary Jane. Now you’ve really done it.”
    But Mary Jane denied taking the letters, denied stealing the laptop, denied leaving them on Kaitlin’s desk.
    Kaitlin didn’t believe her.
    “You overheard Brittany and me talking about the will this afternoon. You just admitted it.”
    “I did not.”
    “Just now. Downstairs.”
    “That was something else.”
    Kaitlin let her head drop onto her chest in frustration. If it was something else, Kaitlin didn’t want to know what. Right now the stolen merchandise sat on her desk, in her bedroom, in her house.
    “I’d better call the cops,” she said.
    Her next thought was of Officer Hendricks sauntering into her bedroom, eyeing the stolen items, and reaching for his cuffs with a smug mug. It was not a comforting image.
    “Wait,” said Mary Jane. “Let’s give this some thought.”
    “Maybe I should call a lawyer right now.”
    Mary Jane paced the room. The moonlight streaming in the window made her white terry robe shimmer and her tousled, wet hair glisten. For a moment Kaitlin thought she glimpsed a halo over her head. She blinked, and it disappeared.
    “Call Mac,” Mary Jane said.
    And what could Mac offer her that a

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