Ancient Magic: a New Adult Urban Fantasy (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Book 1)

Ancient Magic: a New Adult Urban Fantasy (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Book 1) by Linsey Hall

Book: Ancient Magic: a New Adult Urban Fantasy (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Book 1) by Linsey Hall Read Free Book Online
Authors: Linsey Hall
dragon sense was pulling me that way, and I was grateful for it. Aidan joined me.
    Soon, my light illuminated three long shapes on the water. I squinted through the dark and approached slowly.
    “Boats,” Aidan said.
    “Viking boats.” I took in their sleek symmetry. There were three, their sides shallow and low to the water, the bows and sterns curved gracefully up in S-shapes. They were beautiful. I might have stolen ancient magic for a living, but I couldn’t help but respect the amazing things that were created hundreds of years before I was born. Whenever I wasn’t raiding or shopping online, I liked to read up on the history of the places I visited. “This design is at least a thousand years old. Viking.”
    “The monks did mention the Viking raids. But I didn’t realize they meant the scroll.”
    “Neither did I.
    “After a thousand years, the boats are still floating,” Aidan said.
    “Magic.” We approached. There were no oars. “Definitely magic. This is how we get to the next part of the tomb.”
    “All right. Which one do you like?” he asked.
    “The big one.” We stepped on board. The deck was flat, but the boat was broad enough that it didn’t rock much. I walked around, looking for anything that could ignite a spell that would propel the boat. A carving, a lever, anything.
    There was nothing.  
    “Can you make the water move?” I asked. “Push us along?”
    “You can’t do anything?”
    “I could, but I want to save my strength.”
    He looked at me suspiciously. “I thought there was something odd about how you don’t use your power, but now I know there is.”
    “You’re imagining things. Now let’s get going.”
    “I’m not,” he said. “And I’ll get you to tell me what your deal is.”
    Not in this lifetime.  
    I glanced pointedly at the water. It swelled slightly behind the stern, pushing us along.
    “Thanks,” I said.
    The boat drifted along the ledge as I walked to the bow. I held out my lightstone. It illuminated a dark tunnel entrance ahead of us. We glided beneath it. The air smelled staler, the fresh water and stone scent of the cavern fading.
    I shined the light on the tunnel walls. Intricate carvings of swirls and knots decorated the space. Carvings of dragons swirled amongst them. Viking, definitely.
    Something bumped the boat. I stumbled.
    Another bump, this one harder. The water on the port side sloshed, and I peered into the murky depths. My heart pounded as I waited.
    The boat careened as something huge crashed into it.


    Aidan leaned over the side and peered into the water. “Sea monster.”
    I looked over in time to see a scaled back pierce the surface of the water, gliding sinuously along with us. Shiny silver scales glinted in the dim light.
    “Do you think they’re—”
    Two hard bumps threw me to the deck. The bow swerved right. One of Aidan’s waves rose up and pushed us back on course before we crashed into the stone wall.
    Icy water splashed me from above, and the scent of rotten fish made me gag. I tilted my head back. A gaping mouth filled with dagger-teeth was crashing down upon me.
    I rolled, scrambling along the deck. The sea monster’s upper half hit the deck and slithered back into the water, bringing with it a chunk of the caprail.
    So they were going for blood.  
    I climbed to my feet.
    “My magic woke them,” Aidan said.
    A huge head broke the water, razor sharp teeth flashing and blind eyes seeking. The monster plowed into the bow. Wood splintered and cracked.
    I pulled my knives from their sheaths.
    The grotesque head surged along with the boat, teeing up for another head-butt. I flung Righty at the sea monster’s blind eyes. The obsidian drove deep into one milky orb. The creature thrashed and hissed, falling back into the water and sending up a wave that rocked the boat and splashed me with icy water.  
    Quickly, I nicked the back of my hand with Lefty. A second later, Righty flew out of the

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