Amira by Sofia Ross

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Authors: Sofia Ross
baby.  Come on…I want to lick your poooosy,” he begged,
this time mocking himself and drawing out the word.  She giggled and
congratulated him on getting the letter P to come out correctly.
    “It’s P-ussy, baby,” she said, accentuating the P-sound followed
by the correct vowel sound.  She strutted seductively in front of him.  “Get it
right, and you can have all of the pussy that you want!”
    He lay with his chest exposed and his hard-on bulging and
straining at the buttoned fly of his boxer shorts.  Serena brushed her finger
slowly up and down his rigid cock, thinking that she really should study, but
she could not resist, so she reached down and slid his boxers over his erection
and pulled them off the rest of the way then playfully tossed them on his
    She knelt between his feet at the side of the bed and began
stroking his cock.
    “Mmmmmm baby.  You always know what I need,” he said, already
sounding even more relaxed.
    Serena thought this would pacify him for a while so she could get
some work done and possibly still make it to Professor Lane’s class in the
morning, so she began to fondle his balls with her other hand.  She loved to
hear that she was pleasing him, and between moans, he told her to keep going.  
She continued long, even strokes on his cock as it grew thicker in her petite
hand and then let the index finger of her other hand trace a line down his
    “Ohhhhh God, baby….like that,” he begged, barely above a whisper.
    “Shhhh,” she said, swirling her finger around and getting forever
closer to his anus.  “Just lay back and enjoy it, baby.  Relaaaaax.”      
    She brought her face down between his legs, salivating as she
still held his cock in her hand.  She began to kiss his balls passionately,
devouring them and covering them with wet kisses.  She felt his skin wet with
her saliva as her face pressed between his legs, sucking hungrily and drawing
the skin between her lips.  Her lips and tongue massaged and teased the entire
area from his balls to perineum and anus.
    She loved to breathe deeply the manly scent of him; she was so
turned on by all of it even without being touched by him at all.  She felt her
pussy tingle and throb hot and wet and felt the slick wetness trickle onto the
inside of her upper thigh.  She began to moan and make sounds like she was
enjoying such a delicious feast as she continued her loving assault on him with
her adoring lips and tongue.  She wanted to reach down and rub her clit as she
took care of him, and her desire for him grew with each stroke and kiss, but
she tried to keep it all about pleasing him.
    She could no longer wait to have his cock in her mouth, so she
quickly stood up and hopped onto the bed, turned around, and straddled him, all
before he was aware of what just happened.  He opened his eyes and only saw her
swollen pussy open before him, hovering in front of his face and practically
dripping with wetness.  She didn’t waste any time before going down on him,
quickly taking his whole length deeply into her mouth.  She usually liked to
take her time, working her way from the base to teasing around the tip before
taking him all in, but this time she just wanted his cock as quickly as
    He started to caress the silky skin of the ass cheeks that were
presented in his face but soon slipped his fingers into her hot wet pussy and
rubbed her swollen clit.  She sucked him deeply, ramming his cock as deep as
she could take it, gagging lightly a couple times, and her saliva ran down over
his balls as she held them in her hand.  His fingers left her clit and slipped
inside her, both of them moaning as he finger fucked her and her wet fingers
found his waiting asshole.  She stroked it teasingly before slowly inserting
her fingertip into him.  He was so wet from her saliva that her ring finger
slipped effortlessly inside; just a little to her first knuckle was enough to
please him, but he groaned

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