Alphas Unleashed 1

Alphas Unleashed 1 by Cora Wolf Page B

Book: Alphas Unleashed 1 by Cora Wolf Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cora Wolf
Tags: paranormal romance
and at the same height as my eyes. I wasn't exactly tall at five five, but they were definitely not dogs.
    "What the...," the vampire holding me said under his breath, letting go of my arm.
    The two vampires started backing up but I stayed right where I was. I watched, not really believing my eyes, as two huge male werewolves came stalking out of the darkness. They were both as tall as me, one almost jet black, the other a sandy color. I had never seen another werewolf with human eyes before, but every instinct in my body told me to flee. But I stayed completely still. If they really were somehow werewolves on the wrong moon they wouldn't hurt me. If they really were werewolves, they weren't here for me.
    They both stopped in front of me and looked me up and down. They sniffed me, taking in my scent. Then the almost black one glanced at the sandy one, and together they passed by me, two towering bodies of muscle and fur sliding past, eerily silent in the darkness. I turned, and saw the two vampires where I had been only a few moments before, trapped at the end of the alley with nowhere to go. Served them right.
    I heard two deep, guttural growls that sunk in to my bones and terrified me, and then I saw them lunge, and heard screams, and the tearing of flesh, and I did the thing I had always done, I ran.


    How? It was the only thing that I could think about as I made my way back to the foreclosed house where I had been sleeping the last few nights, where my single bag of worldly possessions was hidden.
    How had they turned to werewolves when it wasn't a full moon? I had never even entertained the idea that something like that was possible. All my life, from the very first time I had turned, just after puberty started, I had only ever done it on a full moon. I had tried to stop the transformation plenty of times, and had never even come close to succeeding. And after the first vampires started hunting me, when I had only just run away from the safety of the group home, I had wished that I could turn when I pleased like werewolves did in the movies, to fight back against my hunters. But I had never even tried. I wouldn't have known where to start.
    The few other werewolves I had come across over the years had never even hinted at the ability to turn on anything but a full moon. And those two vampires hadn't really believed it, probably not until they were being torn limb from limb.
    So how had they done it?
    I briefly considered going back and asking them, but dismissed the idea right away. I hadn't encountered many other werewolves, but I had learned early on to avoid them. The males only ever had one thing on their minds when they caught the scent of a female, and I had never been interested. At least, not interested in those particular males. But my lack of interest had never stopped them from trying to force themselves on me anyway. The hunting knife I carried was as much for other werewolves as it was for vampires.
    Those two I had just seen though... they were twice the size of any other male I had encountered. If they caught up to me and decided they wanted to have me there would be no fighting them off. No, going back was definitely not an option.
    I made it to the street with my foreclosed house on it. I would grab my bag and keep moving, and when the full moon rose I would turn and get as far as I possibly could from that place. Those two particular vampires had been on my tail for months, so at least I wouldn't have to worry about them anymore. I could use this opportunity of not having anyone chasing me to get a fresh start. Somewhere sunny. Nevada maybe. A small town. Because Seattle had been a mistake, clearly. I had hoped that I could get lost in a big city, that my scent would be too muddled to follow. Clearly I had been wrong.
    And what those vampires had hinted at, someone else in Seattle willing to buy female werewolves... clearly it was not a place I should stay.
    I flung open the door and stopped dead,

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