Alpha's Captive 03 - Flight

Alpha's Captive 03 - Flight by V. M. Black

Book: Alpha's Captive 03 - Flight by V. M. Black Read Free Book Online
Authors: V. M. Black
Chapter One
    H arper eyed the laughing wolf, the moonlight glancing off his long white teeth. “Are you sure you can carry me?”
    But of course, Levi gave no answer. He couldn’t.
    She was starting to shiver again, Levi’s wet jacket doing little to keep her warm, and her arm ached where the bullet had just kissed her skin.
    “Fine,” she said, “but don’t blame me if I break your back.”
    Harper slung her purse across her body, her clothes spilling over its top. It dripped water slowly down her hip as she bent to put on her ankle boots. Levi came up and planted his cold nose against her rear, and she aimed a swipe at him.
    “Don’t you think I won’t hit you just because you look like a dog.”
    She straightened and turned to look at the wolf . Levi was so huge that she couldn’t just swing a leg over his back from a standing position. And unlike a horse, he would probably object if she used a big handful of his ruff as leverage. So she put one hand on his shoulders and the other on the middle of his back and pushed off the ground, using her momentum to get her leg up and over his haunches to the other side without pulling on his hair. It took a few twists of her hips to get settled, sitting just behind his heavy shoulders with her legs locked around his barrel chest just far enough back that she wouldn’t interfere with his strides.
    Levi started off immediately—jogging downstream, she could only assume, though she couldn’t see anything but trees. She buried her hands in the fur off his neck. It was nothing like riding a horse. His stride was smooth and almost perfectly silent. And though he was small even for a Shetland, there was more power in his muscles than she would have guessed, and he hardly seemed to notice her weight at all.
    “All this just looks like woods to me,” she said.
    One of his ears swiveled back at her voice.
    “You’ll have to go down to the water if you want me to tell you when we’re close to my cousins’ cabin,” she explained. “I’ll recognize the dock.”
    He gave no reply, but after a few minutes, she caught a glitter through the trees—the river, its surface throwing back the silver moonlight.
    His pelt was thick and dry, the outer guard hairs both coarse and silky over a soft inner coat. He smelled of the river—and faintly of soap. She wondered if his wolf-form had to shed in the spring or if he always shifted into the right fur for the weather.
    Levi’s stride got longer, changing from a jog to a ground-eating lope , his muscles bunching and releasing beneath her legs as his claws dug into the dirt and propelled them forward through the night forest. Leaning forward over his shoulders, Harper grinned reflexively as she clung on tight, her heart singing with a wave of adrenaline.
    The wolf was lithe, dodging trees and changing direction effortlessly. Clinging to his back, Harper adjusted her balance with each duck and weave. A tangle of brush no sooner rose in front of them than he dodged around it, and when he leaped over a tangle of roots, Harper had to suppress the whoop of sheer exhilaration that rose in her throat.
    Her legs tightened around his body, instinctively urging him on, and soon they were flying between the trees, leaves slapping her naked flesh as her thighs held her tight to his body. They crossed several footpaths leading down to the water and even once burst into a clearing where a small, ramshackle house stood, the lights inside and truck out front testifying to the people within.
    Finally, she spotted the short floating dock that her uncles had built before she was born.
    “There it is!” Her exclamation was too loud in her ears, and she dropped her voice. “That one, there. There should be a path going up to the shed and the trailer.”
    Levi hooked away from the dock when they hit the trail, and in a few seconds, they arrived.
    The trailer stood at one end of a weedy clearing next to a ramshackle shed, its vinyl paneling stained and

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