All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love)

All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love) by Lane Hart

Book: All In: Calling His Bluff (Gambling With Love) by Lane Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lane Hart
he shoved deep inside of me and hit that magical spot.
    "That's right ... Seven. Fucking. Times." Each word was punctuated with a thrust. "Now tell him … how much you like … sucking my cock."
    Oh Jesus. I could barely form words and he wanted me to say dirty things. Dylan stopped moving behind me and I whimpered in need, thrusting back against him.
    "Don’t stop!"
    "Tell him," he ordered again. Frick. So that was his game? He wanted me to tell another man what I did with him and how good it was, while my body begged for release? 
    Dylan reached up with both hands and jerked the top of my dress down so he could fill them with my sensitive breasts. Surges of arousal went spiraling through my body.
    "No fucking bra? You're killing me, baby," he said, pinching both of my nipples between his finger and thumb, while his dick pulsed thick and swollen deep inside me. I needed him to move, damn it, or I was going to lose my mind. What was the question? Oh yeah, how much I like going down on him.
    "I love sucking your big, hard cock," I panted, while squeezing his length with my inner walls. Dylan groaned, but thankfully he started moving again, and even harder than before. Tom let out his own groan that made me think he was enjoying the show, and getting close to his own release.
    Dylan rotated us, putting his back against the side of the elevator and holding me against the front of him. His hands squeezed my hips, using his grip to drive me up and down his cock, fucking me while I faced another man.
    No longer having anything to brace myself on, I reached behind me and wrapped my arms around Dylan's neck as his lips came down to nuzzle and suck on mine. I had no doubt he was leaving beard stubble burns and hickies, but I was beyond caring. This position forced my breasts out towards our new friend, who leaned back against the other wall of the elevator, stroking himself furiously.
    "You suck me so damn good, too," he said against my ear, continuing his combustible dirty talk. "Blowing my fucking mind.  And you get so fucking wet when you're on your knees, working your mouth up and down my cock, don't you, baby?" 
    "Yes. Oh God yes! " I wasn't going to last much longer. I was too aroused by the whole sordid affair. My breasts were exposed and bouncing at a random man, who was watching my brother's best friend talk dirty to me while he fucked me. Later, I'd probably think back on this moment and feel like a huge slut, but right now I was all too happy to just ride out the pleasure Dylan was giving me. I could even admit I was incredibly aroused having another man watch us.
    "You've got this man so worked up. Look how hard he's jerking his dick, looking at your tits and pussy while I fuck you."      
    I looked straight ahead at him. His stance had widened as he leaned back against the opposite wall. Apparently losing the last of his inhibitions, his cock was now out of his pants as he stroked himself for all he was worth. I saw the glistening moisture that had gathered at his tip, before he spread it up and down his length.
    "She's hot as fuck, isn't she?" it sounded like Dylan asked the man.
    "Oh yeah. She's … umm … damn … so hot," the man licked his lips as his eyes roamed from my breasts, down to where my dress was hiked up to my hips, exposing my bare, wet and-oh-so-full pussy to him.
    "Wait 'till you see her come. The woman's gorgeous ... and the sounds she makes … so fucking sexy."
    I was too close to the edge of ecstasy to be embarrassed by his words.
    "Suck my fingers so I can finish you," Dylan ordered, surprising me. His hand left my hip for me to take two fingers. I covered them with my mouth and sucked them as he pushed them in and out, mimicking the rhythm of his cock inside me. I watched Tom and heard him make a pained sound as he focused intently on my mouth.      
    "Come for me, baby." As soon as Dylan's wet fingers slipped from my mouth and reached down to touch my clit I came screaming. My

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