After the Fall: Close and Confined (Taboo Erotica) (Eden Harem Book 1)

After the Fall: Close and Confined (Taboo Erotica) (Eden Harem Book 1) by Anya Merchant

Book: After the Fall: Close and Confined (Taboo Erotica) (Eden Harem Book 1) by Anya Merchant Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anya Merchant
exist on the surface. The ash storms could start up again, or the earthquakes, or-“
    “She’s running out of oxygen, mom.” Jack gave her a serious look. “The only other alternative is to let her die.”
    Rebecca chewed on her lip for a moment, deep in thought.
    “Okay,” she said. “We don’t have a choice then.”
    Using an old-fashioned paper map that Jack had found in one of the survival kits, the three of them planned out the route that Jack and his mom would need to take. It would take them through what had formerly been a large expanse of New Hampshire and Canadian wilderness.
    “There’s no telling what we’re going to find on our way. You’re right about that, mom.” Jack set his hand on her shoulder and tapped on the map.
    “Hopefully, between the surface scrubbing of the atmospheric fires and earthquakes, it should be a relatively open and easy route,” said Molly. “But we don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of new geological features all over the continents. I can’t zoom in enough to get a detailed look for you.”
    “We’ll manage,” said Rebecca.
    “She only has two days, mom, and it’s 30 miles.” Jack traced his finger across the map. “We have to leave as soon as the sun comes up.”
    Rebecca moved closer to Jack and pulled him into a hug.
    “Alright,” she said softly. “Let’s start packing.”
    The emergency shelter contained a wealth of survival equipment, enough for Jack and his mother to have their pick of what to bring with them. Jack made sure that they had the essentials covered, packing away a two-person pop tent, sleeping bags, a fire-starting kit, and clothes.
    Rebecca took stock of the food that they had and packed as much of the high caloric density food away as she could. Jack watched her for a bit, surprised by how easily she made decisions about what was essential.
    “I used to hike a lot, back before I married your father.” His mom smiled at him, a sad, mournful smile. “I think… I think he’d be proud of us, if he could see us right now. For surviving, and pushing forward.”
    Would he be? Would he be proud of me, lusting after his wife and my mother? For doing the things that we’ve done?
    “Jack, here.” His mom tossed something into the air, and he realized what he was as he caught it.
    “Duct tape,” he said. “Good thinking, mom.”
    Once they had everything they needed, the two of them climbed back into bed to sleep for the few hours they had left before sunrise. Jack thought that it would be hard for him to manage to get any rest, given how tense he felt, but the second he’d closed his eyes, he instantly drifted off.
    “Wake up, sweetie.” Rebecca was shaking him up after what felt like only a couple of minutes. “It’s time for us to get going.”
    Jack dressed quickly and then walked over to the TV. He found Molly’s connection address and requested a video chat. She picked up after only a few seconds.
    “Hey.” Her voice was quiet, but resolved. “Is it time?”
    Jack nodded.
    “We won’t be able to talk to you again until we see you on the ground.” He smiled at her and saw the effort it took for her to smile back.
    “I guess this is goodbye then,” said Molly.
    “Only for now. Tomorrow night, we’ll be meeting in person for the first time.”
    Molly nodded slowly.
    “It’s been nice talking with you. With both of you.” Molly took a deep breath and then let it out. “It’s hard for me to describe how much it’s meant to me.”
    “I know, Molly,” said Jack. “I feel the same way.”
    Rebecca walked up next to Jack, her backpack already over one shoulder.
    “We’ll be waiting for you, Molly,” she said. “This isn’t goodbye. This is just… see you later.”
    “Yes, of course.” The astronaut ran her hand through her loose, gravity unbounded hair. “I… I want you both to keep in mind what I said. The most important thing that I said.”
    Jack glanced over at his mother, feeling a little uncomfortable

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