Adrian (The Dark Shadows Book 4)

Adrian (The Dark Shadows Book 4) by Ariel Marie

Book: Adrian (The Dark Shadows Book 4) by Ariel Marie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ariel Marie
know what was going on. She tried to open her eyes again, but it was as if someone had glued her eyelids shut.
    She could hear the slight murmuring of a deep voices, but couldn’t make out any of the words. She felt herself being tugged in another direction, and the murmuring slowly disappeared as she fell back inside of the black abyss.

    * * *
    S he opened her eyes and found herself strapped down on top of a cold metal table. A large skylight was built into the roof of the building. Panic began to set in, making it harder for her to catch her breath. She could still hear the screams of the other neophytes that had been in the room as they went full rogue. So far, she seemed to be the only one that survived the rogues’ cruel forms of torture, and remained unchanged.
    “The runt is a strong one,” the scarred rogue noted, speaking to someone she couldn’t see.
    “Her mind is strong. No matter what you do, she won’t go full rogue,” an unfamiliar voice said.
    “I can break her. I know I can,” the rogue voice hardened with determination. “Give me more time.”
    “No, leave her be. We’ll soon need that rogue army that you promised us,” the other voice said. “I have a plan. Give me five minutes alone with her. She is the type of vampire that we have been searching for. She will be the future of rogue vampires, and our army will be unstoppable.”
    Angel was pulled out of the memory. Her body felt weightless, as if she were floating through time. She felt a soft brush across her brain again. She twitched as the light touch morphed into a deep burning sensation.
    A tugging sensation began at the base of her skull, causing a sharp pain. A moan resonated from within her as the sensation intensified. She struggled to move away from the pain, but her body was frozen in place. A scream built up in her, and the pain was instantly snatched away.
    “Angel, open your eyes,” a voice called out to her.

    * * *

    H e couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t watch her struggle with Aven’s extraction techniques. The tea that she drank seemed to be wearing off. Aven explained that he needed to delve deep into her psyche first, to try to find her memories, so he could pinpoint when the insertion of necromancer magic occurred.
    Her eyes continued to flutter as her head thrashed on the pillow, while Aven continued to mutter words in his native language. The speed in which Aven spoke increased as he laid his hand upon her head. Her face flushed as a groan tore from her throat. Sweat lined her shirt, while her tiny hands clenched into small fists.
    “You’re hurting her,” Adrian growled, unable to withstand watching his mate writhe in pain.
    Aven held up a finger, as if asking for one more moment. The light dimmed in the room as Aven’s voice deepened, as he continued to chant in his language. Adrian stood at the foot of the bed, ready to knock Aven away from Angel, but he didn’t know what kind of connection was linking the Fae to his tiny mate. Her chest moved at an unbelievable rate as she tried to catch her breath. If she were awake, he would be afraid that she would hyperventilate and pass out.
    “Aven,” he called the Fae’s name sharply, snapping him out of his trance. Aven turned his attention to Angel before slowly removing his hand from her head.
    “Angel, open your eyes,” Aven commanded.
    Her eyes fluttered, before finally opening. “Adrian?” she called out franticly, her eyes searching the room for him.
    “I’m right here,” he answered, brushing past Aven to sit on the cot next to her.
    Her honey brown eyes were wide with fear as they clashed with his. He grabbed her hand to help, wanting to comfort her, to lend her what strength he could pass onto her.
    “Is it gone?” she asked, her eyes searching for Aven.
    Aven turned back to them with a grim look on his face. “I’m afraid not. I was able to dive deep into your memories, but I wasn’t able to go as far back as I wanted to. How

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