A Voice to Love (Fallen Tuesday Book One) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)

A Voice to Love (Fallen Tuesday Book One) (A Brothers of Rock Novel) by Karolyn James

Book: A Voice to Love (Fallen Tuesday Book One) (A Brothers of Rock Novel) by Karolyn James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karolyn James
gave her a ticket and I’m having a car pick
her up.”
    “You’re nervous about
that?” Mack asked. “There’s going to be thousands of women here that would do
twice as much for half your effort.”
    “I know,” Luke said. He
looked to the stage. “Sounds good now.”
    “Yeah, it does. It’ll be
a good show.”
    “Great show.”
    Gray, Trent, and Jake came
over, Jake with a guitar hanging from his back.
    “What do we think?” Trent
    “All set,” Luke said.
“Let’s go rest before the show.”
    “I need a drink,” Gray
said. “A stiff one.”
    “I second that,” Mack
said. “To the bus, my friends.”
    Everyone started walking,
Luke cut into the bathroom. He had the urge to cough but was afraid to do so in
front of the band in case blood came out again. He didn’t want to imagine that
    In the bathroom, Luke
hung over the sink for a few seconds. He took deep breaths, hoping the coughing
feeling would go away. It did, for about two seconds. Luke closed his eyes and
coughed. He hesitated to open his eyes, but then he heard knocking at the door.
It opened and Mack’s voice rang out.
    “What are you doing?”
    “Nothing,” Luke said. He
turned, and as he did, he saw blood in the sink. “I was just washing my hands.
I touched something up on one of those seats. Kind of gross, man.”
    “Okay then. Let’s get
    Luke left the bathroom as
Mack held the door. Luke ran to catch up to the rest of the band. He needed to
shake it all away. Nothing mattered more than the band and the show. The high
of rock n’ roll, and the passion from the fans, it would lift him beyond the
pain and blood.
    He also had a feeling
that Amy would help ease the pain…
    Mack snuck into the
bathroom and let the door shut behind him. He knew it was bullshit Luke needed
to wash his hands. Luke never washed his hands. It was the lamest thing he’d
ever heard in his life. When he saw Luke’s face and paired it with the way he
had been acting the past day or two, Mack worried Luke was messing around with
drugs. He wasn’t the same Luke. If he was messing with drugs, that would be a
situation the band would have to face together. Sure, they liked to drink. They
liked to party. They enjoyed themselves. However, drugs never became part of
the picture, mostly because they couldn’t afford drugs.
    Until now.
    Luke had plenty of money,
more than the rest of the band because of the Chasing Cross shows he played.
    Mack looked around the
bathroom. He used his foot to lift the toilet seat. The water was clear. The
trashcan was empty. Then came the sink. At first, Mack wasn’t sure what he was
looking at. It was a few red spots. Like someone had dripped…
    “Blood,” he whispered.
    Mack reached with a
finger but caught himself.
    He didn’t know it was
Luke’s blood.
    If it was, where did it
come from?
    Maybe Luke had done
something embarrassing and cut himself. Maybe he was too afraid to say
something… but probably not. Mack had a terrible feeling inside. Luke had
hurried into a bathroom and now there was blood in the sink.
    “Shit,” Mack said. He
looked up into the mirror. His face was white. “What’s happening to Luke?”
    Mack turned the water on
and let it wash the blood away. He left the bathroom and walked the hall
slowly. There was something wrong with Luke. He had trouble singing the other
day. He had trouble with the sound check. Now there was blood in a bathroom
    Mack kicked the backdoor
open to the arena. He was pissed off. He made fists, wishing he had his bike
with him. On the next tour he would definitely make it happen. Right now was
the kind of moment when he needed to go for a ride to clear his mind. So much
had happened with the band in the past six months. Now they were wrapping up
their first real big tour and were set to hit the studio for another album.
    Fans screamed Mack’s name,
snapping him out of his trance. He saw four people standing at the gate. He

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