A VENEER OF MURDER (Mrs. Fix It Mysteries Book 3)

A VENEER OF MURDER (Mrs. Fix It Mysteries Book 3) by Belle Knudson

Book: A VENEER OF MURDER (Mrs. Fix It Mysteries Book 3) by Belle Knudson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Belle Knudson
couldn’t figure it out.
    Kate dressed in her only black dress. Meghan would be buried today. The finality of it all took away Kate’s breath. At least she’d have Scott there to support her. She was still hesitant about depending on him. She’d been going it alone for a few years now, but she found it refreshing to have someone there. To have someone who cared.
    She applied some mascara to her lashes then a bit of dark lipstick to her lips. That was the best that was going to happen. Meghan would understand. She wouldn’t have primped any more for Kate’s funeral.
    With one last look in the mirror, Kate left the house. She sat on her porch, waiting for Scott. Her cell phone was on vibrate. She didn’t want to be interrupted by a client during this solemn occasion.
    Scott pulled into her driveway in his truck. For a city guy, he’d quickly readjusted to the country lifestyle. He’d traded in his luxury car for a pickup truck. It wasn’t a beat-up one. It was top of the line.
    Scott liked the best. She should probably consider that as a compliment since he liked her. He climbed out of his truck, stopping to look at her.
    “I know this is a funeral and that she was a friend of yours, but you look beautiful, Katydid.”
    She couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t want to, but he looked handsome in his dark suit. “You didn’t wear your dress uniform?”
    “Always hated wearing a uniform. I only do it if someone holds a gun to my head.”
    “Which is likely to happen in your line of work.”
    “Yes, it is.”
    He held the car door for her, then closed it when she was comfortable. She put on her seat belt as Scott slid into the vehicle.
    “You ready?”
    “As I’ll ever be.”
    He squeezed her hand. “I’m with you all the way.”
    The funeral was being held at the cemetery. Meghan would have appreciated what a nice day it was. A lump formed in Kate’s throat as she tried not to cry. She didn’t want to in front of anyone. She’d shed her tears for Meghan on the day she’d died.
    Today should be a tribute to her life. Not a reminder of her death.
    Scott held her hand in his and she let him as they walked to the gravesite. “I’m thinking about getting a divorce.”
    She wasn’t sure why she had to share that now, but she did. Scott’s steps faltered, but he kept going. “I see.”
    “I don’t know why I blurted that out.”
    “Let’s talk after the funeral,” he said.
    She’d like that.
    The whole town had turned out for Meghan’s funeral. Her casket sat by the big hole in the ground, flowers on top of it. Carly had been busy the last few days. What a good friend to take time out and help her with Greg’s office, which still wasn’t done.
    She’d get it done eventually. It was her first step. The divorce, if it happened soon, would be the next one. She’d have to talk to her kids before she did it.
    Carly stepped away from Larry then hugged Kate. “You okay?”
    “I’ll be okay. You know I’m not a fan of these things.”
    “Nope.” She looked up at Scott. “You taking good care of her?”
    “As much as she’ll let me,” he said.
    Carly returned to Larry’s side. He took her hand and it warmed Kate’s heart. Carly was a great person. She deserved to be happy.
    Clem was up front by the coffin, dressed in a suit. He’d cleaned up well from what Kate could see. Celia was alone in the second row.
    “You want to find a seat?”
    “I’m not ready to sit yet.”
    “I think it’s starting,” Scott said.
    She let herself be led to a seat in the back. Kendall was there. She ignored Kate, and Kate hoped that it wasn’t the end of the woman’s business. She glanced over her shoulder toward the road. Two police cars were stationed there.
    “Are you thinking there will be a problem?” Kate said.
    The minister began to speak. How can one’s life be boiled down to a fifteen-minute speech? What would people say about Kate when she died? She had no

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