A Smile as Sweet as Poison

A Smile as Sweet as Poison by Helena Maeve

Book: A Smile as Sweet as Poison by Helena Maeve Read Free Book Online
Authors: Helena Maeve
Tags: Erotic Romance Fiction
still want to talk limits.”
    “The usual.” No filming. No pictures.
    “You’re okay with…say, being choked?”
    Hazel considered it for a moment, then nodded.
    Ward released her hand. “Christ…”
    “You don’t have to,” she hurried to add. “You asked—”
    “I think that’s his line,” Dylan said, watching them from the far end of the living room. “I smelled coffee.” He had tugged on his slacks but wore no shirt.
    Hazel fought not to stare at his naked chest. She’d been with a few men since college, not all of them star athletes, but there was something to be said about a lover who worked out.
    Ward smirked. “You might want to join us. Think this concerns you, too.”
    “She started it,” Dylan shot back.
    Their verbal sparring was a familiar constant by now, much like the fact that Ward always backed off from touching Hazel when Dylan surprised them together. Much like Dylan tilting up her chin and pressing a kiss to her mouth before he sat down in one of the two Eames chairs, equidistant from both Hazel and Ward.
    Hazel folded her legs under her. “We’re talking logistics.”
    “Are we?” Dylan smiled at her over the rim of his cup. “And how’s that going?”
    Something in his gaze told her that he’d overheard a lot more than the tail end of their conversation. She returned his smile, setting dread aside. Dylan wasn’t the type to play games. If he heard the part about her ex, he would say something. Surely.
    Wouldn’t he?
    “Choking,” Ward announced, a note of resignation in his voice. “Apparently strangulation is on the allowed list. Aren’t we lucky?”
    Hazel flattened her lips to keep her grin from stretching too wide. At least she could count on Dylan to be on her side no matter what.
    “What else?” he asked, gaze darting from Hazel to Ward and back.
    “We’re gonna be late for work.”
    He met her demurral with a shrug. “Oh, I think we have time for this.” Wicked innuendo hovered in the dimples of his smile.
    Hazel suppressed a shiver of anticipation.

Chapter Eight
    Nothing came of that tense conversation when Hazel got home. Ward nodded off before Dylan had their dinner plated and he tripped twice heading up the stairs, after. It was too pitiful for Hazel to muster any disappointment. She spent the night in Dylan’s bed again, cuddling before they fell asleep, then rousing for a rushed breakfast and work.
    Hazel worked a twelve hour shift and came back to the loft dog-tired, eager to hit the sack. She apologized to Dylan when he came to tuck her in.
    “I’m being a bad girlf—I mean. Submissive. Partner.” She waved a weary hand. “Whatever.”
    “Yes, you’re a very bad whatever,” Dylan agreed. He kissed her temple, then her lips, lingering there for longer than was necessary for a goodnight kiss.
    Hazel didn’t mind. She had no memory of Dylan leaving the room, exhaustion snaring her as soon as the lights were out. She surfaced, briefly, to the muffled sound of TV credits echoing through the bedroom door. Dylan had left it just slightly ajar, a thin filament of light peeking through the gap. Hazel let her eyes droop shut without checking the time.
    She slept deeply, without dreams, paddling through the soup of darkness all by herself until the chill of the night began to seep in. Her skin rippling with goosebumps, Hazel hunted for the covers with eyes closed. They must’ve slipped during the night, but when she reached down she found only the bed sheet.
    A fluttering, icy caress traced the arch of her foot.
    Hazel woke with a start. The reading lamps by the bed were switched off, only a faint spill of moonlight slanting across the floor—and in it, two men, their shadows stretching over the bed where she lay.
    Dylan moved swiftly, clamping a hand over her mouth and shoving her back into the pillows. Shadows deepened the arch of his brow, but Hazel recognized him. She knew his scent. She knew that

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