A Slow-Burning Dance

A Slow-Burning Dance by Ravenna Tate

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Authors: Ravenna Tate
signed the papers.”
gave him a suspicious look. “Why? Because you asked them to?”
I did. She’s teaching at the gym where she has no privacy with her students,
and where she gets bumped out of her studio space if they have an event going
on. Plus, Tomás and I agreed that having one of the corner suites done would
attract other tenants.”
nodded. “All right. That makes sense, but what does Ernest think of your plan?”
not interested in what Ernest thinks of it.”
need to be.”
frowned. “Why?”
cut his gaze toward Sela, who was currently touching the drywall and gawking at
the flooring stacked in one corner. She wasn’t paying attention to them, but
Damien lowered his voice anyway. “Are you upset with me about dating her, or is
there something else that has you rattled?”
but what I discovered this morning while working at home is the more urgent
it have something to do with Ernest?”
turned and watched them. It wasn’t that Damien didn’t trust her, but he
wondered if this was something that should be discussed outside the company.
Then again, if he planned to make this woman part of his life permanently, she
had as much right to know about his business as her brother did. Then again, she
knew quite a bit already, so why should this matter?
from whatever was going on with Ernest, Damien did need to speak with Santino
alone for a few moments, and there was no point in delaying this any longer. He
approached Sela. “ Niña , would you be
upset if we discussed business for a moment?”
grinned. “Does that mean you want me to walk out of hearing range?”
kissed her on the hair. “Only for a few moments.”
understand. You don’t have to ask again. I’ll go and look at the progress on
the other units.”
grabbed a hardhat one of the workers had left on a table and thrust it toward
her. “Wear this.”
took it from him with a grin, and Damien knew without asking that she would be
careful. She’d been here before. As soon as she left the corner unit, Damien
turned his attention toward Santino. “Before you tell me about Ernest, I owe
you an apology. I should have told you I was dating Sela.”
looked stunned, and Damien couldn’t remember too many times when he had. He
blinked a few times, and then seemed to recover. “She’s fifteen years younger
than you, and vulnerable. You haven’t dated the same woman longer than what … a
few months?”
nodded. His respect for Santino just jumped up a few notches. “I was that man,
but I’m not anymore. I won’t hurt her. I’m in love with her.”
    “ What ? You don’t even know her.”
know her, and I know that I am in love with her.”
It hasn’t been that long.”
been two weeks. How long does a man need to know he’s found the woman of his
shook his head. “Does she know this?”
I want to wait because I know you’ve both been hurt and her trust was
shattered. So was yours.”
expression turned slightly sympathetic. “You had the same experience.”
nodded. “Almost everyone we know was affected in a similar way. I’ve had a lot
of time to think about the way I used to be, and what we all went through. I’m
not that person any longer, Santino. I swear to you I am not going to hurt your
sighed. “All right, but hear this, Damien. I don’t care how long I’ve worked
for you, or how much I love this job. If you do … if you hurt Sela, I will ruin
stuck out his hand again. “Agreed.”
shook his hand. “Okay. Now I need to tell you this about Ernest before Sela
returns. She doesn’t need to know this.”
it matter if she knew?”
looked slightly guilty. “I suppose not, but I’d like a chance to dig further
before either

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