A Safe Surrender: A Donnelley Brother's Novel (Donnelley Brothers Book 2)

A Safe Surrender: A Donnelley Brother's Novel (Donnelley Brothers Book 2) by Alannah Carbonneau

Book: A Safe Surrender: A Donnelley Brother's Novel (Donnelley Brothers Book 2) by Alannah Carbonneau Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alannah Carbonneau
would have a field day with that knowledge.”
    Kyle sighed. “I borrowed them from Reese, and considering she’s his fiancée, Logan can’t say crap.”
    I laughed. “You borrowed romantic movies from Reese?”
    “Yeah,” He looked a little like he was regretting that decision. “I thought you’d appreciate it.”
    “Awe!” I gave his shoulder a little knock with my fist. “I do. You’re sweet.”
    “Glad you think so.” He stood with his plate, holding his hand out for mine. “Are you finished with your plate?”
    “I am.” I handed it to him, loving the bashful expression he wore. “Thanks.”
    “No prob.” He disappeared and I tried to coax my hopeful heart into submission. I really shouldn’t be feeling these feelings for Kyle. I’d only been single for two weeks. After seven years, two weeks wasn’t nearly long enough. I needed more time to find me - to figure out who I really was and what I wanted. However, as of late, it was looking a lot like what I wanted was Kyle.
    “Do you want a beer?” Kyle called out and I glanced back to see him standing in front of the open fridge.
    I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I figured I might as well have one with him. “Sure.”
    Kyle pulled two beers from the fridge before joining me again on the couch. By the time the movie was over, we’d drank almost an entire twelve pack of beer. That was unheard of in my world. I’d only had three, but I could feel the buzz.
    “I can’t believe we drank so much.” I gasped. “Crap.”
    Kyle nodded, but he didn’t look at all surprised. The funny thing was that he wasn’t really all that much of a drinker either. I honestly don’t know how we’d gotten so carried away.
    “Yeah,” he nodded, staring at the empty bottles on the coffee table. “I uh, drank too much to drive you home tonight, Kami.”
    “Oh,” I blushed bright red. “Um,”
    “You’re going to have to stay the night.”
    I nibbled at my bottom lip, suddenly feeling nervous. “Okay, do you want to watch another movie than?”
    “Yeah, probably a good idea.”
    Settling back into the couch, I hugged my middle on a shiver and Kyle frowned. “You cold?”
    I shrugged. “Do you have a blanket?”
    “I’ll grab one.”
    I listened to the stairs creaking beneath his weight as he took them two at a time, trying desperately to calm my raging heart - and hormones. I was spending the night at Kyle’s house. I’d always been pretty insistent on returning home after our movie nights, but this time, Kyle had drunk way too much to drive. Was it possible that he drank so much on purpose? Did he want me to stay?
    My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Kyle returning to the living room. As soon as I caught sight of him, my breath caught in my throat and my eyes widened. Warmth pooled in my lower belly as I took in the sight of him.
    He’d changed from his jeans and t-shirt into a loose fitting pair of sweat pants that hung low on his sculpted hips. He hadn’t bothered replacing his shirt, deciding instead to go without. His abs were defined - like six pack defined. His chest was hard and chiseled and his shoulders were large and thick. Kyle was hot.
    “I changed into something more comfortable.” He handed me a dark brown blanket. “Hope you don’t mind.”
    Swallowing the frog from my throat, I shook my head. “Nope. Don’t mind at all.”
    Before I trained my eyes on the television screen, I thought I caught a hint of a grin curling his lips.
    Trying to keep my attention on anything but the very attractive man beside me, I snuggled chin deep into the blankets.
    Hours passed and by the time we were in the middle of the third movie, I was completely drained. My eyelids were heavy and my body was slowly, but surely, falling into sleep mode. I wanted to lye down on the couch, but Kyle was still sitting here with me, and unlike me, he didn’t look tired at all.
    “Are you tired?” I asked groggily.
    Kyle shook his head.

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