A Reason To Breathe

A Reason To Breathe by C.P. Smith

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Authors: C.P. Smith
his face went soft. Do not ask me why I said that, I plead the fifth. Jack smiled at me then kissed my lips gently and on a whisper said, “Good to know, Jenn.”
    I was about to come up with some flippant excuse for talking about hearts and flowers thirty-six hours after meeting this man, but something crashed through my window, shattering the calm. Jack jerked up bringing me with him, and he shoved me down into a squat on the kitchen floor and ordered, “Do not fucking move, you hear me?” Nodding my full agreement, ‘cause after the last two days I wasn’t arguing, and watched Jack draw his weapon from his holster. He moved to the window, looked outside, and then moved to the door unlocking it. He brought his gun up in front of his chest and then moved through the door, swinging his outstretched arms back and forth, scanning with his gun. After what seemed like an hour, but was more like five minutes, he came back inside and shut, then locked the door. I stood and watched him move towards whatever broke my window, then he bent over and picked up something dark, and I gasped when I saw it was a bird.
    “It’s too dark for birds to be out flying isn’t it?”
    “It’s a Mockingbird; they like to come out at night, and they’ll drive you nuts with their mocking calls.”
    “Is he dead?”
    “Yeah, Baby, a bird flies through a window it usually kills them.” Nodding as Jack went to my kitchen and got a plastic bag to put the bird in, I got a broom and dustpan to sweep up the mess. Jack came back after digging in my odds and ends closet, with duct tape and heavy cardboard he’d found in my craft box. Purple sparkled cardboard; leftover from a graduation party I’d made invitations for, two years earlier, now graced my window. As we cleaned up the mess, Jack got a call from the station and had to leave to take a call, so I walked him to my door. With everything that had happened with the bird, I hadn’t had time to think about what had happened in the kitchen, but that didn’t stop Jack from reminding me.
    “You ok with my taking off after what happened?”
    “Jack, I, oh man, this is embarrassing.” Jack put his hand to the side of my face and rubbed his thumbs across my cheeks, then dipped in close and with a gentle voice, eased my nerves.
    “Jenn… look at me, Baby.” I looked up into his crystal blue eyes and saw them gentle and warm looking back at me. “You’re amazing, and fucking sexy as hell, do not be embarrassed, I’m only sorry I have to go.”
    “You’ve got a job to do, Jack; I know that, I’m not mad you’re leaving.” Jack seemed surprised by my answer, and studied me for a moment like he was looking for the truth of my statement.
    “Christ, you get me don’t you?”
    “Get you?”
    “Get that my badge means more than a paycheck.”
    “Of course, isn’t that why you do what you do, ‘cause it means something to you and the people you protect?” His face got even warmer, and he whispered, “Jesus, you’re something.” So I smiled at his compliment. He watched my smile then he leaned in and kissed me softly, then pulled back and winked at me barking out, “Lock up, I want to hear it click before I leave.” I nodded my agreement and opened the door for him to leave. He walked out onto the porch, then turned back and smiled.
    “Night, Sweetness.”
    “Night, Jack.” Then he moved down the steps, turned back and waited for me to close the door and lock it. So I did as he said and locked my doors, then watched as he pulled out of my drive. Looking back around my cabin, I noticed the silence was deafening…A killer, men with guns, and a gorgeous Sheriff with a magic mouth… Welcome to Colorado, Jennifer, you asked for it, you got it, now what are you going to do with it?

    Chapter Ten
    Better and Better
           I woke slowly, my alarm playing the soulful sounds of Lifehouse singing “From where you are,” the words speaking of

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