A Perfect Storm
result of wanting that fake dick inside her right now more than just about anything and not because Lucien hadn’t been able to stay away. Either reason, or due to both, had her pussy creaming, readying her body for a filling.
    At the bench, Sophie stuck the dildo onto the center of the wood, where it suctioned and stuck strait up. Once again, the sight of it shimmered awareness just under her skin and made her core temperature heat. More aware of Lucien now than ever, Sophie opened the condom packet and folded to her knees. Once there, with the slender silicone cock rearing proud in front of her, Sophie placed the rubber between her teeth. Using her lips and tongue, she proceeded to roll the protection on the firm, jutting toy. The artificial taste of sweet apples from the condom brought her taste buds to life, but Sophie didn’t care about that. While rolling on that latex, she let that faux prick fill her mouth as much as she could and hoped like heck Lucien could imagine his penis pushing past her lips in just the same way. Saliva poured into Sophie’s mouth on that thought, and she moaned as she let the fake cock slip from her mouth. She wished Lucien could hear her moan so that he would know how much the idea of his cock taking over her mouth turned her on.
    Trembling only a little bit, Sophie stood up, shifted, and straddled the bench, right over the fake prick. Poised with only inches separating the head of the dildo from her nether lips, Sophie looked up at Lucien and locked in on his stare. His rigid stance only made her wetter. Not wanting to block his view, Sophie reached back, clutched the edge of the bench in her hands for support, and lowered herself, inch by tiny inch, until the dildo split her pussy lips and the head slipped inside.
    Ohhh God . That smallest pierce of penetration spurred a delicious spasm all the way through Sophie’s channel and sparked a soft contraction. Too much already . As Sophie bit her lip and pushed down another inch, she reminded herself that she hadn’t used a sex toy in this manner in a very long time. She had a little vibrator at home, and it didn’t take more than a minute of that buzz on her clit to make her come sharp and fast. Sophie couldn’t even remember the last time she’d spread her legs for a full penetration. Last boyfriend . The truth slammed Sophie for a loop. Almost two years ago.
    She hissed and bore down on another inch of the dildo, even as her sex fought accepting the modest thickness and length of this fake cock. If she couldn’t take this, then how could she ever imagine opening herself to Lucien’s fucking? The second Sophie thought Lucien’s name, her pussy fluttered as if in welcome, and the rest of the cock slipped into her body. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes . Sophie moaned low and deep and automatically rocked herself over the invasion, letting its length touch all along her vaginal walls. And when she moved a second time, she did it while staring at Lucien leaning against his window, but let the thought that he was somehow also beneath her into her mind. Gasping in response, Sophie began to ride his cock.
    Across the way, Lucien’s visage never cracked; he didn’t move a muscle. For the moment, Sophie didn’t care. Her body quickly heated to a point of critical mass, and her only thought was to give it relief. Sophie switched her hold to in front of her and began thrusting herself onto the dildo again and again and again with short, concentrated bursts and worked the firm shaft in and out of her cunt repeatedly. Halfway folded over the bench, Sophie squeezed her fingers around the edge of the wood in time with each punch down of her hips, a move that pushed the toy into her body to the hilt and had her gritting her teeth with each deep taking. Blood raced through her at breakneck speed, and all of it flooded right into Sophie’s core. Her clit pulsed with need, her breasts swelled with a hunger for Lucien’s touch, and every nerve ending in her

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