A Maxwell Mourned

A Maxwell Mourned by Gwen Kirkwood

Book: A Maxwell Mourned by Gwen Kirkwood Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gwen Kirkwood
Tags: Historical Romance
intermittent talk of his parents and warmed by the spring sunshine he fell asleep.
    Ross pulled Rachel to her feet and lifted their own rug a little distance away out of the hollow and out of Conan’s line of vision. He sank down onto it, holding his arms wide, inviting Rachel to join him. The desire in his blue eyes belied his innocent smile. Rachel’s heart skipped. It seemed so long since they had been alone together – really alone. She clasped his outstretched hands. He gave a gentle tug, pulling her off balance so that she fell on top of him. He laughed softly as his lips found hers.
    They lingered over their loving, savouring each precious moment, each tender caress. They kissed and touched and loved again, rising to the enchanted heights together. At length Rachel dozed dreamily, her head cushioned on Ross’s broad chest, his hand cupping the roundness of her breast.
    How long they languished in their private heaven neither of them knew. It was the stir of a cooler breeze through the grasses which made Rachel sit up, remembering Conan, thinking it was time to waken him and start on the homeward journey if they were to be back to begin the milking. She stretched luxuriously and dropped a light kiss on Ross’s parted lips. He seized her and would have held her close once more.
    ‘Conan,’ she murmured. ‘He will wake soon.’ She stood up and brushed her skirts, rearranging her clothes before she peered over into the grassy hollow. The blanket was there, the dimple where Conan’s small head had rested – but of the little boy there was no sign.
    ‘Oh my goodness. Conan has gone! He’s gone!’ Her voice rose in panic.
    ‘He can’t have gone!’ Ross jumped to his feet, fastening his braces as he did so, hurrying to her side, his feet hastily stuffed into his boots, laces flying.
    ‘He’s not here. He’s nowhere around!’ Rachel wailed. She stuffed her fist into her mouth. She had to stop the screams before they started. ‘Conan! Conan, where are you? Oh please come back to Mama. Please! Conan …’
    ‘Conan!’ Ross bellowed loudly. ‘Answer me!’
    ‘Oh please don’t be cross with him, Ross.’ Weeping now Rachel clutched his arm. ‘He’ll never come back if thinks we are angry with him.’
    ‘Conan!’ Ross shouted again, less fiercely. And again. There was no reply. He looked down into Rachel’s white face, her huge green eyes swamped with tears. ‘We’ll find him.’ He squeezed her shoulder reassuringly but Rachel shrank away.
    ‘If only …’
    ‘You search along the path that way,’ Ross instructed. ‘I will – I will walk along the edge of the – the water …’
    ‘The water! Oh dear God, the water. Please don’t let him be in the water.’ She began to sob.
    ‘Don’t Rachel! Control yourself now. Search for him. Keep shouting. Shout his name.’ He shook her, none too gently. He was struggling to contain his own panic. ‘His name, Rachel. Then listen. Do you understand me?’ She nodded dumbly and began to walk along the path, weaving in and out of bushes and small trees and ferns. The day which had seemed so beautiful was now filled with the darkest possible clouds – clouds of misery and guilt. She had forgotten Conan in the sweet ecstasy of Ross’s loving.
    ‘Conan!’ she called between hiccupping sobs. There was no reply. She began to run. She did not know why. She turned and looked back. Surely a small boy could never have strayed so far? He might have gone in the opposite direction. She turned to retrace her steps, willing herself to go more slowly, to search under every clump and tussock, however unlikely. There was nothing.
    She reached Ross, pacing along the edge of the loch, his eyes glued to its rippling surface.
    ‘There’s no sign of him,’ he whispered hoarsely.
    Only now did he appreciate the son he had sired. He had been jealous. Yes, jealous of the child who had caused Rachel to suffer. Jealous of the tiny person who had had her love and care

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