A Charming Voodoo (Magical Cures Mystery Series Book 10)

A Charming Voodoo (Magical Cures Mystery Series Book 10) by Tonya Kappes

Book: A Charming Voodoo (Magical Cures Mystery Series Book 10) by Tonya Kappes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tonya Kappes
and chewed on what Gerald had said. If what he said was true and all of this happened while Oscar and I were gone, Petunia was probably so busy, it’s likely she didn’t remember the fight at the meeting, but Gerald did.
    “From what I’m hearing from Patience Karima, whoever used him as a pin cushion was an amateur. Not a spiritualist. They wanted it to look like they knew what they were doing.”
    “Thanks, Gerald.” I stood up. All the information fell from my brains and soaked into my body. “You might be on to something.”
    That something poked my intuition. It didn’t make alarms go off as if it was the right track, but it definitely lit something up inside of me.
    The knock at the café window made us look over. Oscar was waving and smiling.
    “I’ll be sure to tell Oscar.” I stood up. “Can you fix me two BLT’s and two bowls of your chili? I have to run up to Blue Moon so I’ll be right back to get it.”
    “Sure thing.” Gerald tipped his top hat and dragged my tea cup across the table. He looked down into it. “Who’s the new romance?” he called after he read my tea leaves and Mr. Prince Charming and I headed out the door.


Chapter Thirteen
    Oscar walked us down the street toward Blue Moon Gallery and Two Sisters and a Funeral. He was going to visit the Karima sisters to follow up on Patty’s autopsy and I was going to make a quick stop in to see Cherry Merry.
    “Gerald said all this happened during the meeting?” Oscar made notes as I told him everything Gerald had told me that Petunia had told him.
    “He did. And he does have a point. Could you tell the Potter twins apart?” I asked. Mr. Prince Charming found a pile of dried leaves and plopped down, rolling all over before he found a good spot to lay.
    “No.” Oscar’s face was blank. “Did Ophelia give you any clues to why Colton would have reason to kill Patty? Like he abused her when they knew each other? Maybe Colton was defending her honor after all these years?”
    I shook my head.
    “I made a promise that I’d let her get her head on straight.” We climbed the hill and stopped between Two Sisters and Blue Moon. “But I can stop by the house and ask her.”
    “I’m going to run into Locust Grove and talk to Skip Broussert at the development company. The agri-hood was built by Broussert Developers and I know him from some police surveillance the department had done when his homes in a subdivision in Locust Grove were getting vandalized. He might be able to tell me more about that argument between him and Patch.” He dragged me into a hug and kissed the top of my head. “I really want you to be careful.”
    “I am careful. I’m just asking questions and when I find something out I’ll tell you. Just like I did with what Gerald said.” I smiled and was happy to receive a smile in return.
    “Do you think if I stop by the house, Ophelia would talk to me?” he asked.
    “I don’t know. I told her I’d keep her whereabouts a secret and if she’s not in Whispering Falls and you do name her as a suspect, she’s breaking the by-laws.” I chewed on my idea about contacting Alise, knowing Oscar wouldn’t be happy if I left Whispering Falls without him or some backup. “I do have an idea that you probably aren’t going to be to overjoyed about.”
    “What?” There was a little bit of curiosity in his voice tied in with apprehension.
    “When Colton and Ophelia moved here, his mom was with them. I can’t help but think that something in their past is keeping her and Colton apart, but I’m not sure what. I’m not even sure if Ophelia breaking up with Colton had anything to do with Patty’s death, but I do know there is something there.” I continued to talk as Oscar took a step back as if he was creating distance because he was about to shoot down my idea. “Hear me out before you say no.”
    He crossed his arms across his chest. “Go on.”
    “Alise is a big customer of mine and I have her address. If

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